I agree that life is already a virtual reality but we are finally at a stage of development that allows us to begin to understand that. But we are dealing with multiple levels of virtuality. Obviously I have spent years in the development of IT virtualization that was concurrent with the rise of the internet and a very different level of virtualization. How these levels are now being realized, dealt with, and understood is yet another onslaught of non-linear complexity.

That’s mostly what I was trying to get across in this piece.

As I also address in the New Universe exploration reality is a virtual representation of the universal quantum mechanical thought. I seem to have come down increasingly on the idealist versus the physicalist side of this. This makes everything virtual while we learn to make our own worlds virtual.

However we try to work through this we seem to produce a potential infinity of realities. While Hugh Everett III’s many-worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics suggests this ‘reality’ I’m increasingly intrigued with human proclivity for building, ultimately, the universe of our dreams that would almost certainly be a process of hellish creation. Ooops.

This is also explicitly evolving in the nature of gaming with virtual reality. At the working human level the ultimate universe presents us with quantitized power and life forces along with the big reset button the brings us back to life at factory settings after we screw up.

Our small virtual worlds can be manipulated infinitely. The universe we are in can be altered only with great effort and the willingness of working in sync with the shared universal mind. This seems to be the one very important product of mindfulness and compassion.

But another question is how to evaluate the rights of people to create their own virtual realities that allow them to brutalize and destroy other virtual sentient entities. Shouldn’t we apply principles of harmony and awareness to all entities virtual or real. After all, if real is an illusion then all illusions are the equivalent of real. We haven’t figured that out yet, obviously.

Trying to make this exploitable and understandable is a challenge of epic proportions.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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