How Will We Survive?

It is time to look at what is really happening around us

By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 17, 2019

Confusion is the tool of choice of the authoritarian. This is a product of totalitarian states in the 20th century but it works best on the willfully ignorant. And that, willful ignorance, is also a product of the 20th century. Certain religious traditions favored ignorance but that was out of necessity as they were weak on logic. Advocating ignorance as a tool to facilitate confusion and oppression is a modern technique.

The goal of confusion and ignorance is insecurity. This can be seen in the constant insecurity of the police state with the ever present threat of your door being kicked down by official goons. Normally a number of, recognizable, e.g. racial or ethnic, groups in the population are targeted to build general fear while being able to maintain that the ‘legitimate’ citizens having nothing to worry about. But that is part of the play.

Instances of innocent people being deported or killed in the street, always without apology or restitution, does wonders for building insecurity. The reason for these criminal acts is always explained away as only affecting the illegal population while the real stories make it clear that anyone can be, randomly, targeted. Confusion at a basic level of society results.

This confusion is intensified by attacks on anyone who helps anyone else who has been targeted. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this or to stop it unless the concepts powering such oppression are eliminated. That has not happened historically without defeat in war, revolution, or conquest.

The US is now a crude, emerging police state yet no one can do anything about it. We understand that we cannot stop this and no one will be allowed to help us. Confusion is the now message. According to the official media none of this is happening. That escalates the level of insecurity and confusion.

Open advocacy of racism, e.g. white supremacy, embodied in high ranking federal officials, enforces the understanding that laws are no longer relevant and what standards are being applied are personal and arbitrary. No one is safe.

Confusion is the death of democracies. You cannot maintain confidence and security in your rights as a resident or even citizen in a culture of fear, confusion, and ignorance.

Democratic governments require confidence and trust. They require equality of rights and diversity to empower the people to act in the public interest. The people are the public and it is their interest that they must feel secure in defending. Fear forces people to think only of their own interest and to expect to be jailed, deported, or killed for helping anyone else. There is no public interest in this but only fearful personal interest.

Once this allowed at the highest levels of government it becomes almost impossible to remove. Fear and self interest become normalized beyond any concept of public or civic rights and security. To end this requires harsh and consistent action by the people that brings fear to the officials that have been corrupted or allowed to hold positions with criminal intent.

If the courts have been corrupted and politicized there is no where to turn. Any official that attacks laws, legal processes, or presents symptoms of bigotry or racial depravity must be removed and charged with crimes against the rights of residents and citizens.

We are at the point of rapid change based on two hundred years of movement to the ideal of democratic government. That ideal has been too successful for it now threatens the old structural authoritarian oligarchies who were able to manipulate those ideals while maintaining their control of vast wealth and power. We have new generations who are the product of those ideals but are educated enough to see through the facades of government.

As the nature of direct democratic social rule expands making making this technically possible for the first time in human history, the remnant tools of police states, such as citizenship at any level below planetary, needs to be eliminated. Why do we have these in a networked planetary culture?

The only reason for such tools is oppression and denial of rights. This is presented as a protection for the preferred resident population but is a weapon that can be used against all to further confusion and fear. Your citizenship is as weak as the police state wants. It can be taken away at the impulse of low level thugs.

You can be gunned down in the street and your citizenship is meaningless if you are identified as other than the currently desired ethnicity. This is the fundamental abuse of the power of the state that must be removed.

This is now not as radical as it once was. The manufactured confusion has prevented open, public exploration and discussion of how to replace the failing political and economic systems. Endless polling and surveying provides more confusion as the questions are only on the existing allowed options.

We are told what we can choose between but more and more of the population wants real choice. Somehow real choice is not possible but only slight variations on the old system model. This is neatly arranged to be a choice of the least bad among the worst. Facing fascist insanity is obviously much worse than padded predatory capitalism and some younger faces on the old order. But people know this game.

With eight billion people on a planet with rising seas and declining food resources that will be reduced steadily by climate disasters, the most important right is the right of all planetary citizens and the integrity of the refugee. We need trust and massive management of resources to prevent cultural collapse over the next half century.

Every sentient being on this planet is a citizen of the planet with inherent rights to this planet’s resources. Criminal regimes and gangs acting as ‘governments’ exist only to deny that and to claim everything for themselves and their select followers. That is the core problem we face now. This can no longer be tolerated or allowed. We must move beyond this however difficult that will be.

This is a profound change that will require rethinking the nature of land and population management. It will happen, but chaotically, as large populations are forced into migration by climate change. We are seeing this now with movements from agricultural reduction and resulting political chaos in the Middle East and North Africa. We must see this as the new reality of our planet.

Our focus needs to be on supporting self government of the human population in every region of the planet. Everyone will be forced to change and move. We know that many areas of the Americas will become effectively uninhabitable from the tropics to the southwest of North America. Not every coastal city will be able to build complete sea walls. Where will all those people go?

This will be very difficult to manage but it will be impossible to manage if most of the efforts are expended on denial of movement and arbitrary oppression based on old ideas of ‘nations’ and ‘citizenship’ with arbitrary borders. The planetary and regional redistribution of food and population will only be achieved with the rigid guarantee and protection of completely unbiased human rights.

There is no longer any room at all for bigotry, racism, and ethnocentrism based on ignorance or the willful ignorance of ‘religion’. These must be removed from the public roles of planetary citizens and management of our regional administrations. One of the first steps is to completely replace the concept of sovereign governments with regional administration. Sentient beings are sovereign, not arbitrary groups controlled by authoritarian regimes. That is another massive change.

If you are a refugee you need to move with your family and the resources you can recover. Choice, however limited, can make this survivable. Being forced to risk lives to find somewhere that won’t simply kill you, imprison you, or drive you back into what must be escaped creates generations of anger that are at constant risk of exploding. That is simply stupid.

We know that reaction always ends in either massive suppression or, finally, explosive collapse. We cannot afford that waste of energy and resources of either of those. This can never be justified. People who try to are criminals and must be treated as such.

The resources of this planet are still adequate of the population that we have although that will be challenged by climate disaster. The current return of starvation and abject poverty in officially rich regions is the result of terrible management and archaic thinking. We need to innovate and returning to past failures is not innovation.

We are on the brink of planetary, fully democratic human self-administration. I would suggest that we no longer even need to think of government based on the arbitrary right of a minority and an elite to ‘govern’. In a democratic networked world we can decide how to administer ourselves and we are seeing how that an work with live and continuous network social communication.

Now we are fixated on the points of failure of these emerging systems. Those failures are all related to abuses of government and ruling groups contending for control in order to manipulate and oppress. We are seeing a growing examples of this in reaction to old style governments and oppression such as currently in Hong Kong and the Resistance in the US. This will be repeated again and again and will fail until it works or until civilization finally fails.

While the general disgust with fascism and authoritarian idiocy is dominant, the question is what do we use to replace those failed ‘governments’? Our media is omnipresent but still focused on markets and profits so drama is sought whether real or manufactured. But the existing system as a cash cow must be maintained so options are not allowed as noted above.

In the US the worry is that Trump and the Republican fascist state will not be removed but the underlying fear is, what will replace it if it is removed? A return to the past that brought us to this disaster? One of many slight adjustments that will fail or never be implemented? We need massive change designed to move us beyond the next century. No existing system of government has any credibility to do that.

The most effective systems are versions of democratic socialism but those prove open to the same instability and risk of failing into authoritarian, racist, ethnocentric disasters as the original, partially representative systems.

We have no option to survive on this planet as it is evolving other than to become fully democratic and fully innovative to gain a future in which we can, not only survive, but thrive. We have the communication and information processing tools to make direct democracy happen and it is arriving by default but the older masses refuse to see it.

Don’t we finally have enough to lose to be willing to actually start looking? This will be driven, as always, by our youngest generations. It’s time for the oldest to admit defeat and inadequacy and help with the search for the new.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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