How does kleptofascism make sense?

It may be difficult to understand because the end result seems so contradictory. The key pieces include some unique to America and are the vast amounts of money funneled into very few hands, the moderate amounts that were picked up by the next 5%, and the 70 years of increasingly radical capitalism with total focus short term market movements.

I don’t see the latter two pieces discussed but I think they are major factors contributing to the liberal collapse. The great wealth generated over the last fifty years was actively directed to the oligarchic or kleptocratic elite. The numbers expanded geometrically and by the 1980’s were so large and the asset distribution was so distorted that the great mass of the population could no longer comprehend what was involved. What is a billion dollars? What do you do with it?

Even that ordinary amount is too much to grasp and too much to work with so, hence, the offshoring into hidden accounts and buildings in world cities through various proxies.

The 1% were increasingly paranoid and were constantly warning each other than the masses would erupt, take their loot, and kill them. Best to really work at hiding the money and avoid taxes, too. Not all of this vast windfall could stay with the 1%. What has been used as a further line of protection are the next 10%.

They have been allowed some of the loot. Just enough to make them feel equally paranoid. These are the folks who have bought the story that they must own the political systems in the states to protect the kleptocrats in hopes of more. They see themselves as the real doers and shakers with hopes of making that first billion at the high end and the first ten million at the bottom. They know they have more money than they need but there is never enough. These are the 21st century equivalents of the nouveau riche. They have a McMansion and a condo or two and are frantic to keep everything.

What these people don’t realize, except in a vague way, is that they are the expendable line of defense for the true rulers. Trump comes from this group and shows the sickness. The 1% funnels political money through these people and will throw them to the dogs in a flash. Hence their acceptance of racism while denying it. Trump was blackballed due to stupidity forcing him to the Russian oligarchs to risk money laundering charges. He is still a small timer and useful fool hence his total panic at what Mueller has documented. Trump is living on borrowed time as they all are. As in multilevel marketing scams, the owners make far more than the ‘winners’ realize.

At the bottom are 90% of the population who are amazed at their own misery with incomes at $100,000 per year. And below them the folks living week to week and jealous of someone with a ‘six figure’ income. The high end of this are the truly dangerous Trumpists who are going for neofascism to get what they should have. They can’t believe they are struggling and someone must be taking what is rightfully theirs. These are true xenophobic and ‘economic’ racists who have bought the lie that their money is going to the bottom and People of Color. Their stupidity has been played and they are now completely irrelevant to the kleptocratic elite. A just reward is coming their way.

The unstated problem is the short sightedness of the kleptofascists. These vast hordes of wealth are leveraged heavily in petrochemicals and military production but these are primarily tied to late capitalist financial plays. The action is buying and selling financial instruments to ramp up and hold artificial values for fiat currencies. This is how they made all the money that is only very loosely tied to any real assets. The short term play is all there is. The vast financial bulk sets unused out of fear. What can we do that isn’t too risky? The illusions must be maintained. If someone really big stumbles the 9% may realize they’ve been duped and shortly after that the 90% will be in the streets. Hence Trump is being ordered to dance and shout and scare the hell out of everyone. Distraction!

There is no long term thinking.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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