How do we clean up after Trump?

Maybe we should just throw most of it away

by Mike Meyer

The levels of descent in the collapse of America under Donald Trump and his organized crime gang (previously known as the Republican Party) is definitely bizarre. How low can you go that Lindsey Graham and fellows won’t be able to grovel their way to an even lower level? Things have gone from frightening, to infuriating, to disgusting, to pitiful, to nauseating.

I’m really worried because were are running out of words as synonyms for deplorable (and that’s a cute set of movies). Despicable was used up back in 2016. We’re well past stupid and that doesn’t carry an adequate weight of disgust. Obviously the words have become cheapened by people who not only have no shame but no concept of what shame might be.

You really have to wonder what these people will do after Trump and his cohort have all gone to prison, real or virtual. I don’t think it will be possible to pretend that groveling before a mentally damaged criminal and supporting destruction of the Constitution is just something that you shrug off and walk away from. Add in the almost certain proof of deal making and money laundering with an enemy state we are not talking some spilled coffee.

Oh, that was just politics, we all do it . . . That is not going to play. Going off to prison for two or three years is very light for things for which people use to be hung. Not that these people won’t try it. But should we let this go by?

No, we should not let these people off. With everyone completely entangled in Trumps desperate wall fantasy it may seem too soon to begin to get serious about the clean up but it is definitely time. This is not politics as usual. That scam has been used to hide decades of growing illegitimacy and blatant criminal activity at the federal level. A very basic question needs to be asked now. Can the nation survive what has happened and is happening? And if it can, should it?

Refusing to ask that question seriously is being complicit in this disaster. It is also shirking our responsibility as citizens. The political collapse of the country is being actively pushed by Trump to the point of rejection by some of the existing crime family members. But even that needs to be looked at in a new way.

Increasingly, as the indictments and flipping of Trump’s workers has come to dominate the news the parallels with Nixon and Watergate are brought out and endlessly repeated. Often the point is reiterated that this is really not like Watergate. It is much less like Watergate than most people realize and not just because Trumps range of crimes and denial of the Constitution is far broader and deeper than the Watergate break in and attempted cover up.

I see two broad areas that did not exist in the Nixon crisis of the 1970s. The first is internal to the scandals instigated by Trump with Republican support and the other is far broader and more important as we live in a very different world from that of Watergate.

In the first includes the extensive structural failures in the US political system. The collapse of one of the two political parties into a criminal culture dedicated to exploitation of the population, racism, and predatory capitalist greed. All of this in support of the vastly wealthy oligarchic elite is at the foundation of our political structural failure.

Clearly from the 1990s the idea of contesting political policies and ideals was replaced with the quest for power by any means to achieve the desired confiscation of citizen wealth for a tiny elite. By 2016 this had devolved to fascist techniques based on induced racist fear, xenophobia, and forms of nationalist insanity.

This devolution, we can now see, made it possible for Trump to attempt to recruit Russian state interests to assist with his campaigns as soon as he held the Republican candidacy. Obviously he was long involved and corrupted by Russian oligarchic money but he was so assured of this power that he publicly called for Russian help in the campaign. Ignorance and general incompetence does not excuse actions specifically defined as treasonous by the US Constitution.

The political structure that had been deformed by a long history of voter suppression and gerrymandering had failed twice already in the 21st century with increasingly unpopular results. The facade of an Electoral College victory overriding a popular vote loss has seriously eroded citizen confidence in the validity of national elections. No serious effort has been made to repair this damage.

Concurrent with these problems Congress has been increasingly dysfunctional. Without rules supporting a political community debating alternative policies dedicated to national well being and citizen success, the only goals became power and theft of resources. This resulted in the lowest voting rates of any advanced country. No serious effort has been made to address these issues let alone correct for them in the conditions of planetary economics in the 21st century.

To remove and prevent Trump style criminal activity while restoring the validity of the federal governmental system will require serious changes to the Constitution’s architecture of the nation. This is long past being a political opinion and is a direct and immediate threat to the survival of the United States. And we do not yet know the full damage that the Trump disaster will bring or the implications of what must be done to remove the Trump regime.

These are massive problems only now being identified with Trump desperately moving to retain his supporters by the anticipated declaration of a non-existent crisis to use emergency executive powers to destroy the threats to his regime. Many national governments have fallen in this situation. Often coups or foreign interventions are required to halt the threat to the population and to other nations. But this is only half of the problem facing this country.

Even if Trump is magically removed and there is some kind of immediate commitment to orchestrate reforms to prevent a repeat of this, the basic questions remain on our planetary paradigms. In the 1970s during Watergate there were serious questions of federal crime in the executive and serious protests with the incredibly costly and, in the end, pointless Vietnam war but there was really no question on the survival of the US as a nation. That is not the case now.

In fact there are growing questions on the survival of the 18th century nation state as a political entity. What do these things do for people other than exploit them, fail to act on critical problems, and field huge military units to destroy the environment and kill people?

This is a disruptive situation that has been evolving while most people looked the other way. Our main media expend almost all of their time and resources on acting as pundits in the Washington DC beltway. The story there is accelerating collapse and the complete failure to deal with anything. Everyone knows that Trumps wall is simply a show to distract people from his crimes.

Trump’s ‘base’ that is the only other thing that is paid attention to is a relatively small population of people who have power only because of US political structural failure. The senate plus the state level corruption gives massive voting power to aging, white, predominantly rural or small town boomers who are frightened, angry, racists, xenophobes, and misogynists.

The reality and the future is the other 70% of the population almost all of whom live in major metropolitan regions or metropoles to be simpler. That percentage will move to 80% of the population in the next twenty to thirty years. This is known and understood.

While the focus of the nation state has been, in America, Trump’s imaginary wall and the inability to get anyone in Washington to actually do anything of consequence, the metropoles around North America and the planet have been stepping in to take action and replace the missing leadership.

In North America we have sanctuary cities, metropoles refusing to work with the federal gestapo (ICE), international agreements to act on climate change now, and growing involvement directly with international trade at the urban level. In the pattern of paradigmatic change this type of disruption is the slow, internal, replacement of obsolete systems that no one notices until they are nearly complete.

So the question is do we even need to worry about the United States except, perhaps, as a trade agreement region? The metropoles are far more democratic and dynamic with full commitment to diversity. In fact our urban regions are where diversity came from.

In the 21st century we need planetary action agreements. Almost everything else happens at the metropole level. Why waste time with the archaic nation-state? It is dysfunctional anyway and a major part of the problems we face.

Washington DC could become an updated tourist destination much like Williamsburg, Virginia. See how the old regional states were set up. Luckily we don’t do that anymore.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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