Historical parallels are useful but also dangerous. Trump is a psychopathic criminal so a wildcard delivering chaos as the last head of a failing political party. There are no policies or any vision in such a situation. Trump will be quickly forgotten as anything but an embarrassment but the climate crisis and collapse of late stage capitalism are what is aging the young.

The reactionary aberration that is the US now, will be swept away as my generation gives up and dies. The problems are critical and nothing has been done while insanity rules. Anyone under forty knows this and knows how little hope is left.

Millennials and Gen Z have been denied anything like their grandparent’s expectations at the same age so that has aged them in surprising ways. In that sense they are like the post civil war and the 1930s and are not easy to fool or delude. But they are the first fully educated generations who live equally in the physical and virtual information. They know bullshit and greed and know that there is no room for that in out future if we are going to survive. They need each other and Gen Z is also the first collaborative generation.

They know what is needed and that is communal action and acceptance of responsibility for salvaging the planet for themselves if no one else. It is not going to be fun and dealing with the aberration of resurgent fascism and opportunists trying to steal what is left is a stupid distraction that must be eliminated.

The changes are so profound that I don’t think the assumption of a short term alliance between the oldest and the longest is accurate. Those from any generation who have remained uneducated to the new realities are the problem but an increasingly smaller problem. And they will likely be lost in the mass refugee movements that have begun and will spread to the parts of North America in the next ten or fifteen years.

While this article dealt neatly with demographic situation, the big issues were never Trump and the Trump party. The warming climate and the massive imbalance in assets are the real issues.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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