Hidden in Plain Sight

You've made my point. This suggests that you do not see the process that manipulates language resulting in potential cultural disasters well beyond political whining.

This is not a conspiracy but a process of control without a head. No one takes responsibility and the people have no leverage because this is done through them without their conscious knowledge. Yes, that is the nature of Capitalist Realism.

Your comments also suggest that you have never worked in product development, marketing, or national advertising. Changing people's language is the game. Politics and Intelligence operations are extremely crude and often failing examples.

The beginnings of understanding this is the Overton Window.

Glenn Beck, a neofascsist propagandist, even wrote a book about it. This fits the Russian GRU/old KGB model of hijacking words and concepts and reversing their meaning to create confusion. See reference to crude examples above.

Overtime the least aware parts of the population may accept the change, if it ties to political propaganda and a term then means the opposite to them of what it means for everyone else. This distorts natural language evolution that shifts meanings to fill new ideas or new perspectives. The natural form in English is the evolution of ‘gay’ that was repurposed and easily replaced by ‘pleasant’ or other descriptors for enjoyable occasions.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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