Having spent years studying periods of radical change driven by scientific and technological paradigm shifts my sense of this is that we are in ski jump trajectory, to use an appropriate analogy. We’re accelerating and that can end in lift off or a terrible crash but usually both. We’ve never done this at a planetary level. Some places will rapidly transform and others will crash. While people think they know what is going on they don’t. But there does seem to be a consciousness of the new that causes a critical mass of the population to recognize the break point and they suddenly accept changes long resisted.

All I can say is that I see the American West Coast as already moving past that break. There are other places also. Lithuania and the Baltic city states seem to be moving. But I’m pretty certain it will be based in metropolitan areas as metropoles. That is a French term that is starting to bubble up. And suddenly the Koreas are moving. But not so sudden as South Korea is a lead innovator of technology and North Korea is a lead developer of patents. The US has fallen from the top ten lists of innovative states. You have to take off the old blinders. The parts will break free and become new alliances perhaps.

I didn’t think I’d live to see this level of change but here it is.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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