Having gone back to look at the history, I think there is a good chance about 1990 when the Trump mess in Atlantic City and everywhere else went down he was cut off from American banks and started getting money from Moscow. He also picked up some new interests then. The assumption would be that he has been managed since then.

That would also make him a detailed tracking target for the GRU. All Moscow hotels are wired for video and audio. We are not able to prove any of this but I strongly suspect given Trump’s problems and impulsiveness that there may be many hours of interesting video. He may have just been shown some tidbits to keep him totally compliant.

He can shout ‘fake news’ here but that doesn’t play in Moscow or with Putin. I wonder about placing him in these totally exposed situations. He is now having to do the “I misspoke. . .” but he didn’t misspoke. The pressure must be extreme as he is scared shitless. That just makes him wilder and more unstable. I’m beginning to think that the old KGB/GRU target of breaking down the US and allies is the only plan. In that sense driving Trump to a complete breakdown can accomplish the goal. This country is now completely unreliable and the president goes very publicly crazy as the final destruction. Putin et al don’t have to do much of anything as it has all been set in motion.

Putin and Russia come out looking powerful and rational on the world stage. The US is a shambles with nothing but gullible losers in charge. That is usually when looters arrive. And they just keep denying that they did anything. That line is being parroted by several people here. Russia did nothing! All lies! That is not done to support Trump or the Republicans but to further the crazy and unreliable story line. Ironically the core Republicans are parroting the line, too. Neat. Trick your supporters in America to work at their own destruction. We’ll see how many figure it out and shut up.

No wonder Putin is grinning like a Cheshire cat. The master KGB manipulator is pulling all the strings remotely and letting a pack of useful fools do all the work. I almost feel sorry for Trump. He is not meant to survive this.

How far we’ve fallen.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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