Hard to think of anything to say to this beyond, “Bullshit”. The issues we are facing are not the bankrupt issues of the past but a very different world realizing the final failure of the capitalist commitment to endless exploitation and mindless expansion of greed. Both late stage capitalism and socialism are based on endlessly growing production of the unneeded to maintain their economic goals. This is not sustainable. It is killing our planet and us. Wake up.

The new generations are intimately familiar with our virtual and connected world. They know what economic system failure looks like as they have had to learn that reality from birth. There is no future on that road. There is only the endless shoveling of our assets to the 1% who have no idea what to do with that wealth but burn it up in anyway possible while people suffer.

They have learned that the essence of socialism includes the well being of all. That too is failing because it assumes the creation of wealth takes only one form. We can now do better than that. We an refocus the allocation of assets to happiness and well being while focusing our talents and innovation of on the growth of knowledge, the arts, and a new economic system based on shared planetary assets.

That is the future that will be built on the ruins of past. It will provide minimum income and maximum opportunity for everyone.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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