Goodnight, Vietnam

At least Vietnam got some nice publicity

by Mike Meyer

It was a surprisingly quiet day on Thursday after the intensity of seven hours of testimony by Michael Cohen and the long delay until the collapse of Trump’s self directed reality theater in Hanoi on Wednesday. One day in the life of a planet and not really a lot to be said today but there has been a change and that change is large.

We live in a time of steadily accelerating collapse as the final act plays out of the long running Western World dominance, but the changes are so large that they are only visible in small increments. It’s very much like the poor people who have decided that the world is flat because, if you don’t look too hard, it all looks that way. We cannot see the shape of the planet from its surface. You need a certain altitude to see the immensity of a planet and that altitude does not come easily.

But we are getting better at feeling it and then recognizing that others feel it, too. Of course there are the folks who insist that there is nothing there and they can’t feel a thing but that is very much a dead end position from which to live. As Robert Reich wrote today America has already terminated Trump. He has been fired and the rest is detail moving him out of his office. He is still terribly dangerous as a mentally crippled, criminal can be but in all other ways he is now irrelevant.

But in our increasingly complex world there are many layers. The amazing process we are in shows now that these layers are moving toward something like synchronicity. A noteworthy article here in Medium takes things that I have been suggesting to a new level with detailed mapping and statistical analysis. Nolan Gray’s powerful piece on remapping America into one hundred city-states or, as I have called them on the French model, metropoles. While his point is simply a study in possibilities I see it as a recognition of something that will happen by the logic of our planetary needs and concomitant population movement.

As Reich concluded the change is well on its way as incompetence and failure at the federal level has pushed leadership to the coastal states. California, or two of the most important metropoles, is leading now in the most important areas of environmental action and immigration management denying the game of racism and xenophobia. We are seeing more and more of this in the areas destined to lead the 21st century community of metropolitan regions.

In America the distortions inadvertently built in by the founding fathers living in an agrarian world are tremendously out of sync with predominantly urban and diverse societies. That has allowed a completely unrepresentative group to gain power and further corrupt the republic’s processes to hold it in defiance of a majority of the population. The poor and predominantly unproductive in modern terms Trumpistan states are steadily falling into the hands of their nearest metropolitan regions as their population declines. The only way to stop that will be the death of civilization as we know it. And that is quite possible with climate disasters driving us to become sane, flexible and mature at a rate never before imagined.

So the lack of much talk except the recognition that not much new was discovered in either hemisphere yesterday is a reflection of the growing awareness of the new form. We have the greatest dangers in human history upon us and the lost people who are fighting for their petty selfish greed by driving their heads in the sand are dangerous but mostly just sad.

While yesterday was an America chapter as much of this drama has been for the last three years it is a planetary show. The changes are reflected in how we are actually moving to a new world model. It is happening without the corrupt and dysfunctional forms of pseudo representative government but by the constant flow of information in planetary discussions. That, not antiquated representative republican institutions peopled by corrupt opportunists, is the new way to administer our metropoles and, by that, the planet. It is happening now.

The new Gallup Poll on leadership also illustrates the new reality and not the old assumptions. The US has fallen to the bottom of the list behind China. The US and Russia are the two least respected world leaders. The future is already here but just not, as William Gibson has said, evenly distributed. That distribution also seems to be gaining speed all around us.

There were few winners yesterday on the American scene as center stage was taken by the corrupt and broken. The best that they could do was admit how broken they were. Cohen, at least, scored that point on the display of childish petulance by Congressional Republicans at his hearing. That was a case of them having shit their pants in public and then having to be told that they had shit their pants while denying it as others held their noses. Their counter to Cohen that he had shit his pants before was undercut by his having changed his. It’s hard to say much that is serous about that kind of situation.

But it is important to remember that in our old collapsing systems the only strategy, and definitely the Republican and related group’s strategy, is to keep feeding their low information base easy memes. When your future depends on low information and cultivated ignorance truth is a total threat. So success can be claimed by making a complete fool our of yourself as was seen very clearly seen on Wednesday. Unfortunately it is becoming very obvious that there is no future for that vision of the world.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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