Good response. I appreciate the work you put into this. You are correct, obviously, in outline the various reasons for the electoral college and the justifications that were put forward to avoid too much representation. And score one for you on chicken little . . . How I wish it were that simple.

One point of our disagreement appears to be the extent of the problem that we face now. A growing number of people, based strictly on publications and responses in Medium, are concerned with the inability of adequate response to the growing crises that face all of us. We have a completely dysfunctional political system recognized as such by many here and by other nations. If this were simply a US problem, as it has been in the past, it would be acceptable to set back and watch Washington DC politically crash and burn while waiting for the next election. I do not consider that to be the situation.

The problems that we are facing are at a planetary level and these are beginning to infringe on us. Climate disasters are steadily increasing. The current scientific consensus is that action must be taken within the next three years to hold on to something close to the way of life that we have now. That puts a very clear timeline on this that means that allowing the current government to continue comes at a very high price. The awareness of the need for structural change to governmental systems in order to deal with is what is driving the medium term need for change. For the US this means we cannot afford to tolerate a high level of incompetence in the hope that nothing too bad will happen or that doing the same things will produce different results.

At the more fundamental level the failure of both capitalism to deal with sustainability and the collapse of 18th and 19th century representative governmental models to meet human needs in the networked 21st century cannot wait any longer. New systems are growing around us and the old systems of governance are failing. Advocating business as usual leads to what we now have, angry people moving to strongmen images that represent the old failures and are the opposite of the solutions we need now.

It so happens the Umair Haque wrote on this today also. He is more optimistic than I am as he gives the US five years. I give us three:

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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