Good question? I’ve tried on several occasions in the last two years to answer that. Basically it can’t happen. My god, we couldn’t pass the Equal Rights Amendment back when things were still predominantly functional. And that is based on the planet’s Universal Rights document.

We can work around the Constitution rather effectively, when it’s really needed, mostly because it was well enough written that there is a lot of room to maneuver. Of course that cuts both ways and the original ideals have been mostly ignored or distorted into their opposite by sequential decisions.

The fatal error, I think, was the creation from thin air of American Exceptionalism. Put simply, that declared that Americans are so different from the other inhabitants of this planet that we can’t learn from anyone let alone copy what someone else has done. Therefore we can’t join the planet in universal laws and rights and actions for our own benefit or even when we must do that to survive.

The point of that is classically narcissistic. We are told we are so good that everyone should copy us but, in reality, we are too stupid to recognize that other people have or are figuring it all out.

We can’t do what other nations have done because we are exceptional but we can’t think of anything else. So we’re screwed. And damned if we will admit it.

Fittingly ironic that the end of America will be Trump.

The only possible option are the women of color who were just elected to Congress. They have absolutely no delusions about what America is and have already begun saying, “Hey! We’re like totally fucked! It’s time to panic! First, get the crazy motherfucker out of the White House!”

But no one with power will do anything but laugh at them. They don’t have to do anything because those old men with power are exceptional.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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