Good question. In fact that is the million dollar question. People are coming to realize that there is no easy route back to the lost past. What we once were is gone. What has taken over must be destroyed and something new built to replace both the old and the current aberration.

The first question is how to remove the problem. The problem is a criminal organization that controls the federal and a number of state governments. That organization will not remove itself. Without authoritarian power it has no future.

Expecting an election to fix this is naive at best. The pattern for this is well known. The election will fail, with help, but will then be used to justify authoritarian control. You had your election and you lost so live with it. Suddenly the situation has gone from bad to worse.

Once that happens the ICE raids will expand to include problem people questioning the ruler. The national media will retreat even farther into inaction and blind obedience.

Already the regime has stolen billions of dollars and has spent hundreds of millions on social media to prime their core. They already have almost limitless funds as they have no problem with laws or morality. Trump has been openly asking for international support to complete the destruction of the US (which incidentally makes him vastly richer and protects him from any action he takes and that is all he cares about).

Gerrymandering has already been made fully legal and active voter suppression, unless you are a white supremacist or don’t know any better (see social media campaign above), is in place in a number of critical states. The electoral college was created to protect slave holders from any popular electoral override of their rights to do what they want. It works now just as designed.

I’m afraid the remaining hope is only impeachment with fully dramatized presentation of every crime and all evidence in the House but they are powerless to remove Trump and everyone else. Trump is, after all, just the semi-insane front for the Republican criminal organization. Those people have already made their choice. Their only hope to remain free is to destroy what the US was and maintain their bosses who will protect them.

If the information provided is put in front of people with a clear call to action in the streets there is a chance. It will take massive demonstrations and something very close to making it clear that things will not stop until the entire system is reformed.

That is a very big order for a culture that has already functionally collapsed.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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