Good points on the cultural problems. The difference is that we don’t have that kind of time so we are going to get change much more quickly. This will be driven by climate change and accelerating disasters first and then everything else lined up behind that.

We are all shooting in the dark on geometric increases in automation and AI but the changes will be profound. That’s what makes it so hard. We are dealing with complex, non-linear change. The pattern for AI job changes is already clear in its initial form. Jobs will be changed and simplified in many cases where it will be easier to use human perception and sophistication to supplement AI processes. The jobs that will be eliminated are the most mundane and repetitive. This is already the case. In this country those jobs were already moved to cheaper labor. China is now automating those jobs away faster than we are as they are already more advanced in certain areas. So those jobs go away or become simpler and worth less to do. Ouch! And that targets the folks who are upset because they don’t understand what is happening and easy enough to manipulate for political destruction.

The other jobs to be greatly reduced are “middle management” jobs. These are mostly information processing that can simple be replace. That was the route to promotion for sales people, clerks, etc. They are rapidly running out of luck. The area of job security and growth requires creativity, innovation, artistic communication, and imagination. This is really good but it will require the equivalent of a liberal arts education, wit, and originality. There are many people who could do this but now have inadequate education and have been denied the stimulus to give them the chance. This can be fixed.

The answer is a new economy based on intellect as value. This removes wealth based on stuff to wealth based on ideas and communication. The assets of this economy will be naturally distributed and that will be based on Universal Basic Income as an investment in ourselves and our planet. There is a lot developing and this will be how it is done. There are many options and those need to be explored.

So in answer to your question of culture change and time, new areas, urban regions, digital states are already starting to appear and will draw those with the ability and the skills. It will happen there. The old empires will shrink and wither.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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