Good Morning, Vietnam

Memories of the bizarre seem appropriate

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by Mike Meyer

After a day focused like a laser on Washington DC and Michael Cohen’s destruction of the tattered facade around the Trump criminal band, it’s surprising to me that I feel absolutely no sympathy for any of the criminals on display or being denounced. No sympathy at all.

The interesting actions as the testimony dragged on were the confirmation of sanity returning slowly to the federal government courtesy of AOC, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and the New Democrats who kept the lights shining on what needs to be done next.

On the negative side was the question of which Republican official would suddenly scream threats and then throw themselves under the wheels of justice to be crushed in the name of Trump. What a totally ignominious way to end your career.

What was Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz actually thinking? Is he capable of thought? It appears he is now faced with a Florida bar association investigation into his crude form of federal witness tampering. There will probably be a lot of Republican Party bodies that need to be hauled away after this ends. That there weren’t more today suggests that some sense of self preservation is still active among the people inhabiting the Republican Party caucus.

Why throw yourself away? Suicide is a very terminal solution.

The next round should be coming up as day begins in Vietnam and Trump destroys himself on Twitter. Good Morning, Vietnam will not be a good thing for Donald Trump but it will be interesting to see exactly how he destroys himself. He is, as usual, at the mercy of his own pathology and will be projecting his worst fears on whomever he thinks of first. Michael Cohen? Robert Mueller? AOC?

The wonder of Trump is that he is totally unable to stop himself from blurting out his guilt either directly or by projecting his criminal actions on someone ridiculously inappropriate. Good Morning, Vietnam! Here’s Pink Floyd and Set the Controls to the Heart of the Sun.

I think there is a time warp here somewhere.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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