Feeling a little better

It’s sad to feel better at others problems but sometimes it’s OK

by Mike Meyer

I can’t do much about many of the issues plaguing the planet at the end of this year but we can all feel better at all the bad things happening to Donald Trump.

It is pretty safe to say that most of the planet finds Donald J. Trump disgusting, frighteningly ignorant, and demented. The American population has, however, been bearing the burden of putting this blatantly criminal grifter in a position of incredible power while watching one of two national political parties degenerating into a criminal organization.

That particular screw up is not going to look good in the history of the US of A. Up until the last couple of months it was looking, in fact, as if it would not only be bad but may well be the final story of the great American experiment. Trump and the goons in control of the Republican Party have been not only destroying the basic principles of the nation but orchestrating incredible future losses and suffering as they have sought to deny the greatest threat to humanity. That bill is outstanding and will now only get bigger as it is too late to avoid a very large payment. And that is a planetary payment. The consequences of that are yet to be seen.

But back to feeling better. Things are better because a huge flock of very large and ugly chickens have been arriving home waving invitations to the Trump family shit show. It’s already getting crowded on Pennsylvania Avenue and the big flock is still being organized by Mueller. This big flock includes serious felony birds as well as several sets of international vultures who have decided that Donald is already dead meat. These are very enjoyable developments that says there may yet be justice in the world.

After two years of a low grade, ignorant, and mentally defective individual (now officially knows as Individual-1) ruining anything he touches with the absolute assurance that no one could touch him, it is reassuring that the blow back has begun in earnest. The problem now is the size of the full flock of avian creatures as there is no clear process for them to follow. Effectively the question is exactly where all of these bad consequences are going to roost.

Fortunately, as everyone but the members of the Republican Party knew, the Trump family was never noted for intelligence or logic. With the full weight of Special, Federal, and New York state prosecutors digging very actively, and other states just getting started, the wealth of chargeable offenses is massive.

In the past charging campaign finance and other high level felonies against white, rich people was difficult as these laws required knowledge of illegality to be convicted. Poor and people of color have always been charged with laws that did not require knowledge of legality making it very easy to send them to prison and steal everything they own. Hence the slowness of dealing with white people who have manged to steal large amounts of money and the frequency of them being able to skate with minimum problem.

Luckily for all of us, and unfortunately for the Trump family, Donald’s mental and personality disorders require him to brag about everything that he does. As his mental condition has worsened over the last few years he now has, apparently, no control at all over his mouth or Twitter fingers. This combined with his near complete lack of understanding of legal matters and absence of curiosity about those matters means he has daily been incriminating himself and admitting to felonies of various kinds.

This is all good but there is still some need to be hesitant about all these felonies if such are even formally charged as mentioned here:

“It is a big deal that prosecutors concluded that Trump directed Cohen to commit crimes. The one note of caution is that if prosecutors wanted to charge Trump — and we can’t draw any conclusions from this sentencing memo about whether they will — they would also likely have to show that he knew what the laws were, and willfully violated them anyway,” said Brendan Fischer of the Campaign Legal Center. “Demonstrating Trump’s knowledge of anything could be a challenge.” [my emphasis]

All of this was not a critical factor previously as he has had enough money from his father, Russian money laundering or Deutsche Bank to always pay for fixers to cover his ass. Amazingly he seems to have reached the conclusion that he is not liable for crimes he orders his attorneys to commit because, well, because they’re attorneys and they know this law stuff. It’s not his fault they did things he told them to do.

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Yes, the level of ignorance being revealed here is both breathtaking and not surprising. That this could be said indicates how far we have fallen.

The other part of feeling better comes from watching Donald’s face when the people he paid to take the bullet for him decide not to. A billion dollars can cover up a lot of stupidity over thirty years and buy a number of hopeless people to take bullets for you. Donald’s supply seems to have run out. And his assumption that the low life scum who lead the Republican Party were telling the truth when they said he was god and they would cover for him is the worst mistake he ever made and, hopefully, his last.

So we should all be feeling a bit better and, at least, hopeful that the million pound shit hammer, so richly deserved, will fall on all people Trump. But this was a very, very bad mistake and taking out the Trump abscess does nothing about the massive social and political infection that made it possible. Nor does it do anything about the criminal nature of half the national political party apparatus.

Even if the Trump disease is removed early in 2019 there is no reason to celebrate. The growing violence of global warming and the very likely destruction of much of the planets urban coast lines may mean the end of human civilization unless planetary action is taken within ten years.

The planet can do without nation states such as the US or Russia or, even, China, but it needs to get organized at the new level to manage a badly damaged planet. Trump is nothing but a loud fart at a funeral and that funeral may be our own.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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