Factions are not a new problem. In smaller social groups these are sometimes called cliques. These groups share some common feelings and exist by stating a shared goal to expand their power by exerting control over a larger group.

As illustrated in this article the Federalists supported the constitution structured to force one represented for a large group to overcome district geographic factionalism That became less and less effective in the 20th century until social media and virtual reality made it the opposite of effective as the political system had evolved to allow one group to eliminate any moderation at all.

The careful 18th century structuring to prevent too easy a change to the constitution has played fallen prey to the same evil. The practical reasons for limited representation was the cost of supporting hundreds of representatives for periodic meetings. That is no longer a requirement as the meetings can be continuous and virtual. The most effective forms of democratic government are the subsequent parliamentary system using version of rank order voting to provide broader representation that can be moderated in the meeting of parliament. I would suggest that we move back to the older and original form of direct democracy now enabled by virtual neighborhood, district and regional continuous meetings. All residents would have a vote on any resolution and that vote can be cast online after debate or assigned to a representative of the resident’s choice.

The problem is that the current constitutional structure is so badly damaged that no effective convention can be achieved to change it. Changing the structure is not an amendment process but would require disbanding and reordering. How could that be done from an existing system grossly unrepresentative in a number of states controlled by a faction who’s power comes from denial of voting rights?

I’m afraid we waited too long.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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