Especially presidents. And I’m not just talking about the current worthless asshole pretending to be president. We kept it covered but even Eisenhower was getting around on Mamie. Nixon was probably the only exception but that had to do with being the most significantly disturbed in the mental realm other than, again, the current turd. I’m sure he was too paranoid to risk anything except talking nasty on tape. Even the good ones had a problem because you couldn’t be male and powerful in America without being abusive to women.

And jerks have ruined more than the Summer of Love. I’m really sorry you made me think of that. I’ve been avoiding that thought for years and especially since last year. Yeah, we were young conceited and naive but damn it we thought we could replace all that bad shit with hugging, honest screwing, and trust. We all learned pretty quick that were enough jerks to make everything dangerous and we did all become wary. That made us forget what we thought we were doing and we let the jerks lead. We thought we were growing up. How the hell did that happen. Now the Millennials manage to be friendly with us old boomers even though we totally fucked everything up for them and they are our grandkids, damn it.

Finally our women turn on us because no one else was going to deal with it. We need to help them remove the remnants of jerk heaven so they can get on with trying to fix things before we choke on our own planetary mess.

And we were too stupid to realize it when we first looked at Star Trek in 1966, in my case on my girlfriends parent’s color TV, the only one I knew of then, it was color because everything was fucking grey, red, or green but that’s another story. Uhura was the only real woman on the whole program. So it was double stupid that Kirk could only get it on with her because of a technical problem, and there were no other serious woman on the damn starship. We didn’t think anything about it.

What bunch of jerks.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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