Elizabeth Warren may we’ll be the last hope of the old US political system. I would love to see her take the oligarch’s party down and destroy the Trump puppeteers at the same time. You are very correct in interpreting Trump’s statements. The absurdity of his lies along with the childish name calling directly indicates the level of his fear but also reflects the level of panic among his handlers as he reflects those who pump his ego. A bit ironic as his statements are usually meaningless other than as semaphoric fear markers.

If the current political system survives this year and a valid election is actually held, that will indicate whether 2020 will matter at all. That is a long way off. Mueller is playing this with great care. In classic form he is closing the walls in removing areas of action to instill panic. I’m impressed with the precision of identifying the Russian actions in the election while not making any Trump campaign indictments. That leaves Trump and his handlers with nothing they can say after spending all year trying to focus on denying a direct Russian link. The election manipulation was always a Russian play with Trump as a mindless fool. Mueller has confirmed that while leaving future indictments open. It is a very nasty situation now and I suspect Trump may be very quiet and on a rigid script, who knows, maybe bound and gagged. He has no control over his mouth and if he opens it without a script he will destroy himself.

And this statement is close enough to bring out the higher level Putin propaganda shills. Things are interesting.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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