Elimination of bigotry in all forms would, in a perfect world, be achieved through education and political will. In that world it would be actively removed from human thought. I have come to the conclusion over several years, and not easily, that our species is not capable of that in our current evolutionary form.

That realization is very much the result of Machine Learning and the problems of producing unbiased models (algorithms) by human means. The assumption that well educated coders who considered themselves unbiased could produce culturally and ethnically unbiased systems proved to be very naive. The process of producing self learning systems is taking a higher level of processing than we can provide.

The level of “intelligence” required is achievable but that level may not be understandable to human operators. It will require levels of AI review able to process massive arrays of data with self correcting systems that will need to move well beyond our grasp. The means of producing auditable checks on those processes are possible and are being worked on.

The human failure is, I think, ultimately correctable by training but is crippled by emotion. This is a high level evolutionary shortcoming. I see it as an evolutionary failure and a deadly one. It is, I think, the gate that we must pass to achieve planetary level consciousness in order to correct climate change. Human civilization will not survive otherwise and we now know that.

Obviously we are now in full cultural failure in parts of post industrial civilization. It doesn’t take much to see that we may be past our peak as we are battling a resurgence of ignorance and self destructive greed and hatred. The ideology of that is driven by emotion with no logic.

We do have the means to evolve past this but it cannot be without electronic augmentation. It won’t work at a purely biological level.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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