Don’t know whether to scream, shit, or go blind

Things seem to have settled into normalcy. That is if you can call a permanent condition between anger, nausea, and semi hysterical laughter, normalcy. Normalcy, of course, is not normal but a kind of fake normal invented by Warren G. Harding in the 1920s in the lead up to the Great Depression. He had no idea what he was doing either so he needed a new word. Kind of like Covfefe. Harding only lasted three years and managed to die before they impeached him for taking a cut in the sale of the country’s resources in the Teapot Dome Scandal. So definitely not normal but there are some similarities.

With a gibbering idiot in the White House it is dangerous as hell but the sheer incompetence of the Trump regime has made it hard to maintain anger. Hence the laughter and mixed periods of nausea and fear. And then there are America’s stupidest people who have spent years taking over what’s left of the political parties. Ok, sorry, the parties are not equal. Normal, spineless politicians who carry extra underwear due to the frebquency of shitting themselves, become Democrats. Republicans require not only extra underwear but certification of utter stupidity and the charm of a half starved, frequently beaten, junkyard dog. The result is a group of losers that accidentally won control of the entire US government and can’t think of anything to do but hold late night, secret meetings to remove health services from old people, small children, and their equally stupid voters.

My god, how can you maintain outrage at a bunch of pitiful fuckups like that. Yes, they are dangerous. Bad tempered chihuahuas can sneak up and give you a nasty bite on the ankle but it’s hard to give them the kick they deserve. Besides they don’t learn anything and they’ll just do it again. It’s tiring but you just have to keep an eye on them and shout at them before they launch another stupid attack. That keeps them busy while they change underwear.

But that raises the real question. Why are we spending vast sums of money and risking the death of the planet, at least for our life form, by putting idiots in positions for which they are totally unqualified? I’m really beginning to wonder why we keep this political shit up. Is there a reason? I understand that two hundred years ago it would take days to get a message to the state capitol and weeks to get to Washington DC and stuff needed to be decided so the whole idea of representatives who shared some basic principles with you made sense. They could go live in the capitol and help do the deciding on what needed to be done. That all made some real sense because before that the king and his cohort got away with murder and robbery and didn’t have to answer to anyone. But now the representatives get away with murder and robbery. And we don’t even need them.

I hate to say this as I don’t want to unduly upset people but the assholes in Congress and the state houses don’t represent us. They only represent the billionaires who are greedy enough to buy Congress people to do what they want. Ok, that’s not new. But what’s new is that we don’t need representatives at all. We know what’s going on as fast as they do. And we have constant surveys and analysis by many groups identifying what people think should be done to improve things. People want fewer super rich people and a chance to get some money themselves with a good job. They want simpler, single payer health care like the other countries. These are things that almost everyone agrees on but you never hear about that from the assholes who call themselves representatives. So why have them?

We have a troublesome minority who have been fed political bullshit for so long they don’t know whether they are coming or going. Why did they get fed this bullshit? So the representatives that don’t represent us can convince us that we dont’ want to live very long and don’t need health care and should spend our time hating on all the different people we have this country so they can avoid doing anything like what we want. And we’re paying for all this.

There is growing research showing that our youth are not interested in democracy and politics as we know it. I wonder why? But they are interested in a more basic form of local grassroots civic action. Why? Could it be that the old democracy crap doesn’t work anymore and social media has replaced it? The old system is so far beyond help that we should simply shoot it and put it out of it’s misery. No, don’t shoot your representative. Why don’t we try it another way?

What if we focused on accepting basic rights for all people of all types and be done with it. Most of what government does is administrative, not things that we need to be involved even if we could figure out the details. First we need to get rid of politics as some kind of group representation. If there is something important to decide lets ask people after giving them all the information and see what they think. And no politics means no one can spend money. And no bullshit. Only facts.

Let’s start being a little innovative instead of dealing with dangerous idiots and crazy buffoons. The key for many problems like this is putting a bunch of stuff on auto pilot which it mostly is anyway. The problem comes from stupid changes that no one wants. Then we focus on things we can agree on and leave the assholes (this will be much of Trumpistan) to themselves. Maybe we can form some new alliances that can begin to switch money to things that people really want in those areas.

Wouldn’t that be original. California is already starting in the western US. Let’s see what we can build. If we get over this old geographic area thing and go for human communities maybe it will work that way?

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