Dickens as Schrödinger's Christmas Cat

The Holidays are for us all — all together now. . .

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ December 24, 2019

It was the best of times and the worst of times. I’ve come to think, on this Christmas Eve 2019, that Charles Dickens was writing about two very different eras that are linked in some form of quantum entanglement. He was simultaneously describing the French Revolution, the other half of the US Revolution, and the collapse of the whole notion of national systems that came from those revolutions.

While I write about that later evolving process of transformation at the social and political level, the harmonics of this in our societies is a deeper, richer and more personal story. Someone needs to write it for us and our future entangled civitas If we still exist.

I’m using the term civitas very carefully as civilization may not survive the current destruction of shared civil society structured by laws. We will recover our civitas but I doubt it will be what we currently think of as nations with citizens.

Yet, in the midst of this destruction with the US, Great Britain, and parts of Europe at its epicenter, we are in a time of growing human power, mindfulness, compassion, and universal inclusion. These are the forces reshaping our planet, apparently come hell or high water. These are also the exact target of the forces of degeneration, reaction, desperate efforts to protect ancient bigotry, and rejection of the emerging future around us this Holiday Season.

They even reject the inclusiveness of the idea of a Holiday Season demanding adherence to the exclusiveness of mythic traditions tied to crude racism and endless superstition.

Fuck them all this wonderful Holiday time. We are going to enjoy the winter solstice and all its related cultural celebrations, whether they like it or not. Because these are benign shared remembrances of our total cultural heritage by our diverse families and communities. As we begin to seriously think about moving out into our solar system we know the old tribalism must be left behind.

Despite the glaring worst of this time, we seem to be moving toward our future with new potential leadership totally distinct from the old. With a young woman honored as the person of the year for simply saying what must be said for her and future generations to survive, we have one of the first fully public recognitions that there is hope. And that hope has almost nothing to do with the corruption that is consuming old governments except as source a of their, fully justified, existential fear.

We have people still under the drumbeat of materialist demands to buy wildly, not for our benefit, but for the benefit of the controlling greed of the billionaire elite. But in many communities this is becoming more focused on limiting the damage that should not be a result of gift giving. This is only a start and late in coming but it is a very real shift in our world.

This is an incremental change by its nature but people are realizing that we must accelerate this to avoid self destruction. It is not simply a philosophical issue or a political construct but an issue of species wellbeing and, even, survival. This is not an abstraction but a very real need to unite in action for all life on this planet and not just for antique bands of exploiters.

The winter solstice, whether Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year in the Asian traditions, Druidic forms or the thousands of years that the movement of the sun to its farthest point in the year links and unites us to our planet and its planetary companions with our star and the galaxy around us. We know this now in ways that were not known by the mass of humans in the past. That gives us leverage on the future.

Despite the howls of those threatened by knowledge that is what has steadily improved our lives and wellbeing significantly for the last century. People will not allow that to be taken away for the benefit of those who build their power and influence in hatred and ignorance.

Happy All The Holidays of the Year End to our diverse future!

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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