Determining the minimum clap

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I’ve tried to avoid this but it needs work. The old Recommend was good. You either recommend or not. Usually if I took the time to read something and it wasn’t wrong it was worth a recommend. That worked for interpreting recommends also whether or not there was some variation in the criteria. But claps have screwed that up. What’s an adequate minimum clap? One? Three? Five? We’re in the realm of damning with faint praise. It’s no longer adequate for someone just to tap the button. They need to determine a number. This is called work.

Before it was simple. Hey, this is worth a read, to someone who follows me. If they don’t think it was worth the read then, no need to push the button. Now I’m beginning to think I need to see the clap count by people I trust to have a working standard by which to determine the minimum, adequate, and maximum clap thresholds. We have some serious scope creep on this project now.

Having an IT background maybe complicates this. One clap is not adequate, see damning with faint praise. They could barely tip the button once. On a scale with some high maximum (I’ve heard 80 but the real number is 50, thanks Terijo) if you can’t hold the thing for five claps you might as well not do it all. It starts to feel like giving none is better than too few. And what’s too many? Is eighty the equivalent of an orgasm? Fifty? I’m seeing the need for a clap guide and an array of buttons to avoid mistakes. Then we need a training site to understand the array and the psychological impact of each incremental clap above or below the true floating average for a specific article. Ok, big data is next.

While we’re at it how about a negative clap? A one handed clap? This would allow more precision in correcting for a distracted over or under clap. And there are definitely articles that were over clapped by, like two people, leaning on the button because no one else would. This suggests the need to neutralize over zealous clapping although the threat of open warfare is an issue. That suggests the need for weighted claps. Two hundred claps from three people is not the same as two hundred claps from twenty-five people or definitely not the same as two hundred claps from one hundred and fifty people. So you could figure that out but we’re talking another round of serious effort. Perhaps a weighting ratio shown by color? Now that begins to reduce confusion.

So, to hell with it. I’m giving everyone a five unless I miss and they get three or seven. If I get distracted it might go to ten but that doesn’t mean anything. And if I get one I will be officially pissed. Just make a note of that. There will be repercussions for erroneous clapping.

Wait! Think about it now . . .

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