Despite America’s wars of military empire, we have greatly reduced war as anything but low level rebellions. The sudden occurrence of fascism is primarily, I think, the realization by people caught in the past that the old route to power is pretty well gone. They can’t imagine anything else and want a last shot at starting wars and plundering those that can be intimidated.

It does not make any sense and the majority in the post industrial world, rapidly expanding, realize this. It is a classic paradigm shift that has created a new way of looking at reality. The old way is desperate to destroy peace because they cannot understand the changes that have been happening.

The difference is that incompetence in administration now produces a propaganda war that is waged by the citizens. In the worst case these become uprisings that include terrorist actions. We have that in the US with white supremacist/religious terrorists.

These are not formally organized but incited by people like Trump (he is a particularly sick example as he does it solely for attention). This is simply how it is now. In any dysfunctional political system a fair amount of terrorist violence becomes just background noise. The constant stream of mass shootings in America now fall into that category. But that is not war in the old sense.

We just need to remove anyone trying to start old fashioned wars.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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