Dare I say that the entire structure is crumbling and those most dependent on it our scrambling to prevent that collapse? The Republican Party exists only as a criminal cult and the Democratic Party has been since the 1990’s the enterprise Conservative party.

Unfortunately the neoliberal conservative center has had its wheels go wobbly and no one wants to support it. We have a totally corrupt idiot sitting in the White House who’s criminal cult party is desperately trying to build a full authoritarian police state modeled on Russia to make them all powerful oligarchs, and the neoliberal conservatives (Democrats) are trying to decide whether they want to join in. Everyone is trying to pretend that all of this is just floating around in the air and will have no long term effect.

Everyone with any sense knows that Trump has to go before he declares martial law. The people in charge of the official parties are so frantic to save their good thing they are tripping all over each other. The creation of Russiagate is part of the confusion. It’s brutally real but which side do I want to be on? How many sides are there? Mueller is going to blow this all open, I think, with no regard for anyone’s good thing because he is looking at future history. What else can he do?

Sorry, they old paradigm is no longer functional so there is tremendous confusion among the devotees of the old paradigm. The people outside of the power circles have begun to see the new paradigm and don’t give a shit about either side of this. But I think they are starting to see changing the focus to human well being and planetary sustainability is where we have to go no matter what.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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