Dangerous Mercy

Psychopaths and unquestioned faith

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 2019

We were at a stage when I was beginning, along with many others, to feel a bit sorry for the Donald. The man is seriously debilitated, isolated and embarrassing in his delusions, especially on his own imagined brilliance. And his decline is accelerating by the day.

The national insistence on allowing this to continue as only a annoying mistake was obviously extremely dangerous. Most people know that this type of psychopath must always push for bigger reactions. But the fact that he has such a limited grasp of reality makes him seem a pitiful comedic character rather than the frightening monster that he is.

But compassion wears out as the stakes become larger and the damage grows. If the Republican Party was still a valid organization of any type they would have arranged for Donald to resign when he began pandering publicly to Putin. Things would be very different now if that had happened.

But it didn’t happen and now the broken and corrupt US Congress must labor mightily, and almost certainly fail, to eject the diseased person who is in full mental collapse before our eyes. An out of control psychopath in the presidency would inevitably reach a point in his delusional failure that he would begin ordering major disasters.

Extorting foreign heads of state for personal political favors was enough for the alarms to be sounded. But the national insanity has no clear limit so this may yet be overridden by the owners of the Republican Party and their programmed followers. These people can only see the destruction of any limits on their greed as the national goal. The ultimate sin is their acceptance of this.

The flippant surrender to Erdogan and deadly destabilization of the Middle East on suggestion, if not orders, from Putin has confirmed what the majority of the country has known from the start. The nation and the stability of the planet’s administration are seriously threatened.

To repair this, the entire Executive branch must be removed. They, and the dominant element in the Republican Party have all drunk freely from the fountain of poison that has been allowed to flow at the nation’s center.

While my compassion for Donald has dried up in the horrible reality that he has been allowed to create, I have begun to feel sorry for Pence.

This is very much a result of having read more about him. Pence is the Indiana version of a good ole boy with well earned fear of women. Having grown up in semi-rural, evangelical (fundamentalist), Indiana and escaped, I know what that life was like. It is built on a buried bigotry that cannot be questioned but only alluded to as how things ‘should be’ in a Christian world. That such a world is inherently racist and leavened with hatred is left unsaid.

He’s a religious opportunist, which is fairly common in the US Midwest, but, as a result, a sucker for twisted religions, particularly if managed by a firm handed woman. It certainly appears that his wife is Ahab while Pence is not a whale but a great white harpoon honed to a sharp point to penetrate and kill all threats to the white supremacist, true, American life style. That whatever they can harvest from what the kill is their deserved reward is well understood.

Having destroyed himself as governor of Indiana by doing as he was commanded, without an iota of understanding of how far he was removed from planetary reality, he was subsequently launched by his wife at the first large political target that presented itself. That was a Hail Mary harpoon shot at Trump driven by the need for a sane backup to keep troubled Republicans in the fold. That those people have sense left the party or fully succumbed to the insanity is one of many irony that will be noted historically.

Pence imbedded himself in Trump, a flaccid but insanely erratic whale, producing a boat ride to hell. Call it love, or not being able to imagine how to disobey, Pence looks like a man rigid with the horror of his faith. No thought is possible but what is allowed and that means hanging on to the whale in which his wife embedded him until the end. I say this because I don’t see Pence, himself, having the intestinal fortitude to commit this kind of career suicide.

There is a tremendous mass of repressed sexual fear identifiable in Pence, held in frozen, that is also buried and unspoken in the old Midwestern culture. The problem is that hell now looks very real but heaven has become more difficult to identify. Whatever heaven was offered seems amazingly similar to hell. That is yet another theme from the buried Midwestern, racist subculture. At least that is how I explain the permanently bizarre and empty look on Pence’s face.

Many people now see a very short Pence interim presidency as better than an day more of Trump. I’m very afraid that Pence may self destruct when Trump breaches his last breach and goes belly up. Yet another layer to this mess. It seems impossible to me that Pence could survive in the office of president even for a few months.

On his own he could perform signings of important documents and read speeches presented to him and that would be fine. Unfortunately I’m afraid his wife would go for the kill as her type of Midwestern women are the true priesthood of hatred for anyone but her own kind.

Pence would attempt to meet her demands and would end up as he did in Indiana with deadly and illegal laws denying rights to a whole segment of the population. He didn’t handle that well in Indiana and after three years of Trump and Republican criminality, I don’t think there will be much remaining national mercy for that kind of stupid.

Instead of a chance for a mildly positive historical footnote as the first step back to national sanity after the Trump disaster, I’m afraid that the white harpoon would sacrifice himself for yet another historical disaster. Whatever is left of the US when Trump is removed I don’t think it could survive Pence’s self destruction and these people are fundamentally self destructive.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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