Class is the rhyming repeat of Trump. Or, perhaps, the whining repeat of Trump. This is very much the same playbook using the cracker class who were taught racism to keep them powerless. The Republican crime lords supporting the billionaire class by playing the lower classes against each other. It has always worked before.

That is why I think we are looking at long odds on saving this thing. The bottom class can be used to neutralize the majority with the crime lords manipulating the electoral and judicial systems. They are betting again that the people committed to democracy of some form will remain shackled by tradition and the rules to justify caving in to another illegal election. And with this one they can take it all and never worry again.

Even if they lose the house what will happen? Nothing will happen to Trump who is corrupt, criminal, and mentally ill. He will push for violence in the streets and police will be removed from non-white neighborhoods and given orders to kill any non-white person entering white neighborhoods. The white supremacist militias will understand that they have been given their own license to kill and ICE will move on to sending any undesirables to the concentration camps already being built for convicted children and babies in the south and southwest.

People have trouble believing what is happening. So they do nothing and wait for another election. And the propaganda media assure everyone that it is all lies and everything is normal. Except people steadily lose jobs and no services are left to help them. But those are excess people who are not needed. Let them die.

We have a depressed and crippled majority standing in the way of this but they waited too long. The official tools no longer work but what else is there? It must not be as bad as it looks. So we will wait and hope . . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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