Change or Die?

This is the question that I am asking, do we want to make this nation-state better or do we want to let it die? There must be people who think that it can survive like this and on this path but I would really doubt that is a majority. I suppose the people who still support Trump may think that but I’m not even sure of that. That support was based, it appeared, at least partially on blow it up and see what happens. So if you’re not going to try to make it better, and don’t want to admit that it is dying, I think we are out of options.

In answer to your two constitutional conventions, I think the reality is that we need several. The existing nation is not currently viable. The only choice is authoritarian demogogary or failed republic. The second is obviously not a strong answer to the first. Hence the incredibly low voting rates for decades that allowed Russian manipulation and Republican voter suppression to tip three states into our current disaster. I’m saying that in a viable nation that would not have happened.

A constitutional convention only works in societies that have a functional system that needs one or two clear choices to improve. The same problems that I have listed as the causes of the current failure would cause a constitutional convention to fail, i.e. allow control to be turned over to the corporate oligarchy based on a full police state that is the only thing that would allow the oligarchy to feel secure. The horrible irony is that, given the choice, the US would turn into the USSR. And we know what happened to that . . . Oh, wait, we’ve already become the USSR with Little Trumpy groveling at Putin’s feet.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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