Captain, She’s Going to Blow!

Where is the Star Trek crew when you need them

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By Mike Meyer

Not only did the dam break but the rats are declaring loyalty while backing toward the doors. Suddenly there is no one but Rudy Giuliani, Republican Rep. Jim “Gym” Jordan, and the evil imp Stephan Miller, in the center of Trump’s room but a lot of people standing in corners and along the wall. And they’re all watching carefully for the sign to break and run.

As the storm grows, Trump, a mentally ill sociopath, is coming apart in full view of the planet. Of course he has been doing that since the 2016 election but the escalation is breathtaking as he drags up long discredited conspiracies and calls for murder and civil war. Amazingly he is frantically digging his own impeachment grave and committing impeachable offenses with each irrational tweet while ignoring all advice. It’s hard to visualize a more stunning display of incompetence.

That people are still giving money to his campaign to defend against impeachment is, I think, the most troubling aspect of this long expected and unsurprising shit storm. While we have all suffered through almost three years of shock, horror, embarrassment, and disgust at the normalization of ignorance, greed, incompetence, and insanity, the fact that there are people still supporting Trump and his sycophants as their thinly disguised scam blows up around them is deeply troubling.

Deeply troubling seems to be the epithet of the Trump era.

It is difficult to be appropriately angry at someone such as Trump, including Rudy Giuliani, as he is so obviously suffering from dementia and related problems. We give incapacitated people significant freedom from responsibility with the assumption that such people will not be allowed in important or powerful positions. But the fact that these people who, nevertheless achieve positions of power draw together other people with serious problems turns a tragedy into a disaster.

This has been an incredible lesson in public responsibility and the need to carefully define insanity. We allow slack to the obviously delusional but sanity and delusion are not black or white. Careful language studies as well as history of Trump’s decades of public presence shows that, though not bright, he may be fully aware that the lies that he uses are lies. He is totally immoral and uses them for his own gain. We must hold people, even the recognizably delusional, responsible for the things that they, with full awareness, do. Their supporters and accomplices must be held accountable also.

At this point I don’t see how to avoid labeling those remaining around Trump as other than bat shit crazy but with full responsibility for the actions. This is not a disagreement on political issues as there are none involved. We are seeing vicious criminality presented as if it were something other than vicious criminality. That, in itself, is criminal.

The fact that the remaining Trump stooges that made the rounds of Sunday talk shows were unable to do anything but shout lies, mumble incoherently, and deny already confirmed facts shows the intellectual poverty of what is left of half of the US political system. The vast wealth that must have been their goal for getting into this must be so overwhelmingly important than debasing yourself before the nation is acceptable.

That is so pitiful that it is hard to accept and imagine something surviving this level of national disaster. I’ve been afraid from the beginning of the Trump disaster that the US could not survive what would occur as the ramshackle con job ran its course and then collapsed in flames. We are already well beyond ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’. And that, more than a few of the nations citizens being caught up in this and unable to pull back from disaster, implies the need for profound changes to our social and governmental systems.

While we can all reserve judgement on Nancy Pelosi and the generally spineless leadership of the Democratic Party, she is an old and experienced political strategist in the bizarre world of Washington D.C. There is strong reasons to ignore the political game as if this political system is going to survive and bring all charges against Trump and the Republican criminal organization but this is not going to wait. Limiting the extent of the damage now appears a very rational goal.

She is correct, now, in pushing this quickly as it is getting ready to blow. Pathological narcissists are not stable. Building an administration on fools, criminals, and stooges is not stable. The rats are not going to hang around for the public good. Trump, of course, wants blood. I think he has wanted that all along.

Just as his staff are worried he does not understand the impeachment process and what is happening, he does understand what he wants and that is the only thing that is important. And other people have no significant role in that.

We knew it was going be incredibly ugly when it all broke open. So it is breaking and Trump himself is breaking it. If he is allowed to continue he will not be able to stop himself from ordering his most unstable and hateful followers into the streets looking for blood. Trump has no limits to his revenge for being caught. He has been in over his head since the beginning and has played out his tricks that no longer work in the international arena. We need to finish this quickly now.

We then need to begin to redesign our basic assumptions about residents, citizens, officials, and the criteria required for someone to make decisions for the planet and all life based on the simplistic idea of common sense. Our planet is far more complex now and our problems far larger requiring much better education and scientific credentialing if we are to survive.

I’m not sure that is even possible given the crippled nature of our government and political system. I’m very afraid that a far bigger price than we anticipated will now need to be paid.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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