Can We Recover the American Dream?

Salvaging the dream from the wreckage before it’s too late

What could go wrong?

If you have begun to feel strangely uneasy while reading this, that is probably a sign of sanity. You should also be having serious problems with the images already being sold by the Democratic candidates and their captive pundits.

The media war

We have been in a nasty, national, cold war against a desperate fascist and racist minority managed by predatory oligarchs using exploited citizens as their tools. The nature of information and social media manipulation creating virtual realities for target populations in the 21st century is that these select populations are made partially insane. Our casualties now are not killed and maimed but are ethically, mentally and socially crippled.

Some problems

While implementation of Medicare for all is the best solution by simply building on existing successful systems, many changes will be needed dependent on the elimination of private insurance or the maintenance of some kind of Obamacare hybrid. The laws requiring provision of adequate care by medical personnel will be complex.

What if we do not have that time?

It will take us, at least, ten years to make any significant change in our carbon levels. The current guidelines in places that are taking this seriously see fossil fuels eliminated from private vehicles in thirty years. Commercial vehicles will take longer.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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