Can We Accept Democracy?

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are very thoroughly screwed. Actually we’re totally fucked but I’m trying to be a little bit polite although I’m not sure why as it won’t make any difference. On one hand there are millions of people who actually understand what’s happening, millions more who have pieces of it figured out, another billion or so still working on it, and then there is the rest. These numbers are subjective but based on years of watching statistics on education, poles on whatever there are poles on, and decades of experience in media. Most of the last year I’ve spent trying, with many others, to get through the bullshit and noxious fog given off by general failure of human political organization and growing economic distortions that threaten to kill us all while being amazed at the potential of our growing number of technological wins. Those wins are, of course, our only hope while also having triggered the social and political collapse.

Focusing on the collapse and impending failures is depressing and everyone is now sick of hearing about it. It’s like having to read constantly about Trump being a lying idiot and the US becoming the richest failing state in history. No one gives a shit anymore. Yes, it’s a disaster and every other nation on the planet is just as scared of Trump and his regime as we are. But life is too short. This thing is evolving rapidly and we have just hit another plateau. It is, I think, the situation of being forced to watch video of a brutal disaster over and over again. There’s fascination and a sickening revulsion, and then anger at being forced to endure it repeatedly, finally it begins to lose it’s horror and becomes simply disgusting. It becomes an ugly background that you work at ignoring.

The numbers of people who wanted to do something for months are now at the point that they are working to ignore everything because it is just too much. And no matter what we do we run back into the reality that a great mass of the human population just can’t or won’t learn what they need to change it. Worse than that most just won’t learn what they need to even understand what will happen. What has gotten me into this? Here are some examples from right here in Medium:

The economic collapse for the majority of the population is caused by the consolidation of most wealth the hands of a small oligarchy tied to international corporations. But where is the proof of that? The folks behind this have been spreading lies, and not even very good ones, for years. The best one is that the truth is a lie and we’ve made it so you can’t tell the truth from lies so how can you say anything? You may have heard of the Paradise Papers. Yes, those are actual legal communications that indicate the extent of those in the oligarchy have been hiding money from taxation because that is what rich smart people do. Among other things it shows that our biggest corporations have stashed more than a trillion dollars in tax avoidance accounts, off shore from where ever they live. This massive documentation of exactly how and why we are getting poorer while a small percentage are getting vastly richer has nearly disappeared from the news. When did you see it mentioned last? Did you even remember what it was? Why is this being ignored? Well there are lots of people who want this to be ignored it mostly because people have gone over the limit and don’t give a shit anymore.

You know that only about 20% of the population in the US, the richest and one of the best educated countries on the planet actually understands how life came to exist and evolve here. I’m not talking about detailed understanding of genetics but basic understanding of evolutionary change and the incredible detail of how that works and how we came to be on this planet. Understanding this makes you very aware of the interconnection of all living things on this planet and even what we may find on other planets of the millions suspected and the hundreds already known. The other 80% are caught up in total bullshit because some people told them some dude (who looks like them) made them a few thousand years in a universe we know to be 13.4 billion years old and on a planet with a billion years of evolutionary history visible to us. But that’s not the worst part. Enough people have begun to figure out that the old religions are bullshit because we’ve been to the moon several times and we are seriously into putting equipment on other planets. Neolithic sheepherder mythology doesn’t stand up well to that except for those people who have decided maybe the world is flat even though we can see it’s a ball from the moon. Those later people are here. But people are moving from the old bullshit to some new bullshit. It’s the ancient astronauts that are really popular. Much, much more that than reality. In fact they will come and save us since Jesus got boring. Of course the ancient astronauts are bullshit also in exactly the same way.

nd these are stories from Medium today. I didn’t have to go far to see the end. These are illustrative of the problem that we face. It is just too much for our species to face a scientific reality when we are still in intellectual diapers. Religious mythology is our diaper phase and roughly 70–80% of our people on this planet are still there. They are so much there that when whatever they grew up with obviously falls apart there are people peddling new stories that are so much easier than acquiring some scientific knowledge. But we can no longer afford that.

Our political and economic collapse are the direct result of our failure to get beyond democracy as we know it. Representative government as it is practiced is a facade for traditional oligarchic rule. It is very nearly indistinguishable from the oldest forms of aristocratic rule. We have frozen it at a stage that is barely a republic. This allows the wealthy, usually as a result of inheritance, to control the legislative bodies for their own benefit. A modicum of new people that are not from known families are allowed in the lower house but are increasingly controlled by rigid dogma. The structure is so corrupt that only vast sums of money available only from the financial elite and international corporations can win a spot in the lower reaches. To receive those sums requires absolute commitment to the ruling dogma.

ntil the last twenty year there was no real alternative and no actual means to achieve truly representative rule in anything other than a very small municipality. And the limitations of what is actually managed at that level makes it very boring for most of the population who do not want to be bothered. Anyone who puts in the time to be part of this system does so in order to reach the levels that allow serious return on an investment and that quickly leads to debt requiring a bail out. That bail out comes with the terms of adherence to dogmatic rulers controlled from the top.

We are now dealing with a truly democratic potential supported by Artificial Intelligence. This is already happening at the administrative level and may soon happen in some of the more progressive European states and, if not, soon in some African or Asian states. Efficiency will drive this as there will be less and less room for gross corruption and dysfunctional administration as the climate worsens and disasters increase exponentially.This is the monster of our own creation that will destroy us unless we learn to govern ourselves. But to achieve self government we must learn to manage our freedoms. The irony is that our freedom has disappeared and will disappear completely unless we learn to administer our own societies. But that option is finally available. It was never available before except as an illusion. Now we can make it real but the forces of the old oligarchy control our governments and will never allow this unless forced.

are at that stage now. Our ignorance is killing us because we cannot rule ourselves with ignorance. It will take everything we have to build the new truly democratic administrative systems that protect our freedoms and or rights while saving our planet from our ancestral disasters. But we will need to figure out how to build the intelligence we need to rule while understanding and accepting that people alone cannot do this.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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