Can the collapse be prevented?

How do we do change things now?

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This is the question that needs to be answered now. Based purely on a lot of reading and fifty years of observation and analysis, I think we’re screwed. My own feel for the US at this point is that if we were able to hold a truly open, snap election in the parliamentary style the entire Trump regime and many of its Republican stooges would be gone. Trump lost the popular vote by a large margin and things have gotten steadily worse. My own estimation is that the Republican Party would be a small minority party in a legitimate political system. We no longer have such a system. Whether we ever had such a system is an open question and relevant to the question of where we should be going but that is secondary if not tertiary to where we are now.

Can the collapse of the US be stopped? Can the economic damage be repaired? Can an valid international role for what was the planet’s greatest power be defined? The point is that roughly a third of the American population, I think, is beginning to seriously ask these questions. And there aren’t any real answers.

A big part of the reason for the absence of answers is that another third of the country is scared shitless but can’t, yet, admit that these questions need to be asked. They refuse to engage. Instead they are clinging to the “system” and the faith that it just needs some work. The only option in this case is the November election and, somehow, the 2020 presidential election. The feeling of insecurity at the validity of either of those two planned events is the 800 pound gorilla in our national living room.

What gorilla? Tell me there’s no gorilla! If we ignore it maybe it will go away.

The third of the population who wants the Trump disaster to be gone but are totally focused on ignoring that gorilla are the key to our future. The brutal reality is that those elections are already failures. Those scared folks are partially correct but missing the full threat. The greatest damage has been done internally over the last forty years. They are all coming to realize this but realization is not yet action. The speed of their movement from realization to action will shape the fate of this country.

The remaining third are also scared but have succumbed to an increasingly intense and distorted propaganda stream that has cut them off from the rest of the planet. This has begun to happen in other countries as there is always a percentage of the human population that is reluctant or completely resistant to change, a portion that is basically out for their own gain, and the rest that are the usual assortment of whackos and plain criminals.

Fundamental paradigmatic change driven by transformative technology is the common element. We’ve never been here before and earlier transformational changes were much slower although equally disruptive in the end. This is completely new and we may not make it through but the potential, if we do, is worth the chance. We don’t really have an option as we have made decisions and started processes that cannot be reversed despite the increasingly violent flailing of this part of the population. Opportunist leaders naturally appear for what they can get when old systems fall apart so it is no surprise.

The critical realization is that the current systems are too broken to repair. We need to look at the principles and expand on those while we replace to system components.

Reversing Citizens United is a nice gesture but why was that allowed to happen? It was a product of extreme predatory capitalism run amuck. And the opposite of that is not Stalinist Soviet communism as the perpetrators of this disaster would have you believe. The root cause needs to be removed.

Vast imbalance in asset ownership destroys societies economically and every other way. The structure of the administrative system for human society needs to ensure that assets are maintained in the largest class of people. Both the very poor and the very rich are a drain on the system and the very rich are the most dangerous. They destroy opportunity for everyone else and create artificial inducements to unsustainable consumption. For every vastly wealthy entrepreneurial individual you have thousands of parasites. This is very clear in economics. We have very nearly destroyed the planet before realizing this.

Security does not require a huge military structure eight time larger than any other group on the planet. That exists only to exploit or threaten to exploit other people and their lands. All major countries have realized this. Why have we missed the lesson?

Unfortunately the political system that we have, made unrecognizable by corruption and predatory capitalism dedicated to increasing the gross imbalances destroying our societies and our planet, has no means of revising itself. The constitution was a great leap forward in the late 18th century. It has been updated within the limits of its structure but its structure is no longer viable. How do we fix that?

The problem is very much one of attempting to fix a tool with that tool that is broken. At the most basic level the people of this country need to take charge to simply stop the destruction and then to dictate the process of change to begin. At this point in history this is possible with the technology that is driving change and created this need to change our system.

For the first time we have a planet with no uncontrolled conquerors and no one that wants to destroy us. With simple honesty we can expect to be left alone to do this if we act quickly and effectively. We don’t need to shutdown the government. Don’t listen to wild threats and claims. Everyone is completely dependent on a smooth functioning federal and state administration. That will continue to grow. The need is to prevent that destruction that will result from the current disaster and pending collapse.

Could this be done on a national level? Perhaps with an ongoing series of direct referendums of the entire citizenry to direct the restructuring of Congress and the removal of the Trump regime. Managing that will be very difficult and removing the old controls allows people like Trump to try to grab power and wealth for themselves.

I think this is probably a breakup of states into regions with the states temporarily taking control of Congress and establishing an interim Executive. I’ve described my own vision of how this will probably end up given the nature of the change we are in but who knows?

We need to get started and then move quickly. There is little time left. The confusion that would likely result from a distorted election in November would give the forces of the past the chance to further move to full destruction.

Now is the time.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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