But the problem is not the whole country. The best estimates I have seen put the problem at 30% or less. Attempting to extrapolate from our corrupt and dysfunctional federal election system allows only three categories: two choices and no vote.

I’m working from various arguments on the split of the population that is predominantly rural versus metropolitan with all the growth in the metropolitan. Nationally this is now effectively the Confederate States versus everyone else.

The generational division on the other axis is Boomers versus everyone younger. This is the force driving the Republican Party to extremes to galvanize old voters with fear. They are shrinking and have been for forty years.

People who can be called Trumpists, e.g. authoritarian, racists, radical religionists, are a clear minority in larger metropolitan areas and everywhere but non metro parts of the Confederate States. They have isolated themselves. The tool to control them is that they are the primary welfare states with oppressed minorities and impoverished populations.

The CSA was a plantation and slave economy surrounded by subsistence farming and ranching in the west. Outside the metro areas it’s agribusiness and low wage plus welfare. They are still running on 20th century industrial economics with foreign owned car, truck, appliance, and furniture plants using non-union workers. Those tend to draw workers in from metro areas.

If we can loosen the union to allow the Trumpist areas to move out of human rights and maintain authoritarian racist societies in exchange for self determination but a more limited federal vote, maybe that would remove the pressure for the majority to mover ahead and allow the problem to fade away.

I’m really just trying to devise a way to maintain self determination for societies that are not yet ready for the 21st century. They are already somewhat isolated. The problem is the corrupt national party system using them to gain control of the federal system. If that opportunity is removed and they can have most of what they want they will, I think, lose interest in everyone else. Everyone else is foreign to them anyway.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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