Breaktime is Over

The battles must be won, and time is running out.

By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ February 28. 2021

Since the last display of outrage and evil, we've had almost four weeks, but the Previous Guy got back on TV and talked about it again. He went to CPAC to repossess the Republican Party.

Criminal indictments should remove much of the Previous Guy’s threat to life, but his manipulated horde will continue to wield outsized destructive power unless structural changes are made.

Biden’s unquestionably professional team is doing the stuff American presidents do. He drives an amazing recovery against COVID-19 and struggles to bring temporary emphasis on temporary economic relief to a devastated nation. He also fails to remove the broken pieces that will allow a fascist clique to block any permanent changes allowing that small minority to retake Congress's control.

Oh, wow, nothing can be done because, you know, bipartisanship. But that was always a cover for a complicit failure to accept desperately needed structural change. What could be done will not be done. Instead, carefully selected showpiece changes will be attempted that do not threaten capitalist control and the vastly expensive Imperial America maintenance.

Restoring membership in the planetary community for climate change while refusing to convert the Green New Deal into legislative reality is a primary example. We cannot achieve survival in the face of rapidly escalating climate disasters piecemeal. Using a ‘shift’ in production to keep millions in servitude in the name of climate change with no real hope of carbon reduction is the game that Biden is playing.

This is a dangerous game, and Joe Biden is showing that reality. People are desperate to give him the breaks he needs in a horrible situation, but the irrational and manipulated are still strong enough to be used as an excuse for not doing what needs to be done. Permanent economic reform and elimination of the constitutional failures that made George W. Bush and Trump possible while converting the American middle class to the new Precariot class cannot be ignored.

While it is being called just bad optics, Biden had to approve an illegal attack against Iranian forces in Syria. No one may challenge Imperial America. We can only assume that drone assassinations are in process.

I hate to say this, but would you believe Uncle Joe if he said they weren’t? We know how this works, and it is so much better than the Previous Guy’s insane nightmare that we forgot we are going back to what we had before. The repetition of the same failure will not create new success. This is the source of success as failure by another name.

But many people around the planet realize this, and it is critical. Biden has, so far, refused to commit to any major changes that would prevent a particularly vicious minority party from manipulating a return to power.

Will he begin to move aggressively, or is what were are seeing the limit?

The critical changes to save the US as an entity require can be done with Congress's control and the Presidency. HR 1, For the People Act 2021, functionally eliminate the disastrous Electoral College and remove the massive gerrymandering that has produces nothing but disastrous and criminal minority governments. To do this requires only the nuking of the filibuster rule used almost exclusively to maintain minority control.

The great majority of the population is behind the new COVID relief legislation. This includes a majority of Republican voters. The fight over a national $15 per hour minimum wage that should be $20 per hour cannot be tolerated now. People are waiting to see if something actually happens.

If it does, minimum wage, college debt removal for students, free community college education, and conversion of the economy to Green New Deal standards will end the fascist threat. It is that simple.

Everyone wants this to work except for the manipulated. Even their anger that is not simply racist ranting and bigotry fed to them is exhaustion from predatory capitalism's failure and collapsing imperialism. They have been programmed with language destruction that makes it impossible for them to understand their own reality.

That is not an effort to lessen their evil and their threat to the planet and America. It is not advocacy for communication because we do not have time for talking to the temporarily insane. We must recognize insanity when we see it and only hope to make it temporary, or we fall to their level of hatred and ignorance.

The very things that made Biden the only acceptable candidate to remove the Trump disease also make him unable to replace that disease with effective change for the age of our climate disaster. Unless the planet replaces predatory capitalism with a sophisticated form of the far older concept of the commons at all government levels, there is no hope.

There are many ways that local and regional administrations can work within the matrix of common ownership and collaborative democracy to maintain the diversity of life. There is no way that authoritarian capitalism and imperialism can achieve that goal.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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