Blending traditional health knowledge with science

I had some trouble at the start of this as it wasn’t clear where this was coming from. But I figured it out and found it a very good article. Having spent enough time ranting about the stupidity of his country and its inability to meet the needs under basic human rights of it’s population for health care, education, nutrition and housing, I’m use to hearing the idiocy of the rich anti-vaxxers creating health disasters for others. Bad enough their kids are being set up as health time bombs the broader effects are truly frightening.

At the same time I’ve long struggled with the failure to properly research all of the traditional healing knowledge preserved over five thousand years in India, China, Southeast Asia, and Africa. As you point out these health support and remedy systems have always been available to people in areas where these traditions originated and are maintained usually at very low cost. As the planet has become accessible to everyone with the movement of people and knowledge these traditions became available as exotic cures for people who were looking primarily for status and a relief from boredom. This is a tragedy.

Much of modern pharmacology is from ancient traditions converted into modern medical products with much higher potency. The traditional forms are effective and their lack of artificial potency is often a benefit. These medical traditions need to be merged with high priority on scientific verification of their efficacy and determination of longer term problems that may have been hidden from traditional practitioners.

As a student of scientific history, I am comfortable with the understanding of human knowledge as a series of metaphors. The modern scientific metaphors are the most accurate and critical of any up until now. But metaphors are not the thing itself. They are useful ways to explain, illustrate, and suggest relationships that all have unique validity. The power of scientific process can translate these different metaphors and make them verifiable and available with confidence. That is happening in other places but has met blocks and political games in the US. This needs to stop.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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