Blending positive tribalism with planetary management

This is an interesting and, at least partially, valid idea. It is complex. On another level the problems that we are facing are the broader preservation of diversity as it becomes critical for us to unify administration of the planet.

The future is planetary regional metropoles with between 70–80% of the population living in these regions. I’ve been suggesting that these metropoles need to foster diversity within them as cities now do and form alliances with others. This is also already happening with international cities in each region joining trade alliances directly. Most of these cities have already established foreign affairs departments and may be treated as provinces or states in their national structure.

As you say tribalism is not inherently bad but may be used by bad people, the Trump/Republican cohort is an example, becoming poisonous. I do consider nationalism to be poisonous but more from a practical perspective because it is redundant on a planet that must be managed as a unit. Climate change is simply the largest and most critical of the issues that cannot be solved by regional factions acting as if they are independent. That way is death for our species. If not death then a slow decline into extended misery.

At the same time the old models of a planetary government emerging from the United Nations, for instance, are prone to corruption and loss of control as the bureaucracies are too large. This will ultimately be removed as a problem with full sentience AI that will become the efficient administrator that is incorruptible. But that is a long way down the road yet. We need to get control of the planet within, as of yesterday, the new deadline of ten years when climate disasters reach mass migration levels.

This is the model that I have been struggling to define and improve but there has been a need for more diversity. Our current international cities maintain much diversity but they tend to become more and more similar. While religion is something that I think we will need to remove from human society, religions are already being replaced by human spirituality that works most effectively on a strictly personal level. Religion appears to be editing itself out of public society but will survive, perhaps, as extreme communities of adherents.

But this could be handled by another level of political organization dedicated to unique tribal groups based on ideas or beliefs rather than strictly geographical residency. Perhaps this could blend what I see with what you suggest here as the only real way to protect diverse societies.

This could formalize all types of divergent societies from old form religions, new spiritual communities, identity groups as they appear and define themselves, all at a level above the bottom geographical administration.

At the same time this could allow the planetary administration to be concerned with only planetary issues but, hopefully including the absolute guarantee of full rights and well being everywhere and to everyone.

The brutal reality is that we are almost out of time to figure this out. There is simply no longer an option for nationalist stupidity that threatens our species survival.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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