Biden Has the Wrong Script

We are in a disaster epic, not a historical romance

By Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ December 12, 2020

The massive American economic and political disaster continues to expand. Everyone with any awareness beyond their individual quest for survival and pleasure is focused on this as a giant ticking bomb.

There is a general sense of this entangled in Trump and Trump party insanity as that provides a distraction. The disaster's complexity and size make it difficult for most people to understand other than as normalized political craziness and a personal economic cataclysm.

As the source of our cultural anxiety growing over the last years is concentrated in the Trump regime’s dysfunctionality, the confusing failures have left us at the mercy of whoever can explain it to us. This was once our mainstream media's job, but four decades of political destruction of fairness doctrines escalated by conversion to predatory capitalism have destroyed their credibility.

Because nothing has taken the mainstream media's place, the pressure on the still immature social media forums made them propaganda shills immediately. Their poisonous lies and the constant din of misinformation has been a catalyst to the explosive instability. While elements of the newest social media have struggled to make up for the failure of mainstream media and the social media regime shills, the nature of democratized mass media keeps it from the gravitas of the old, professional mainstream media.

There will be no Edward R. Murrows arriving as influencers in social media for those of us old enough to remember. That stabilizing and moral voice is long gone and replaced by a seemingly infinite array of ranting and blatant manipulation.

This leaves each of us responsible for analyzing and critiquing the entire deluge of information each day. Our educational systems are completely inadequate in preparing a 21st-century population for this. Our high school and community college systems need to be torn down and rebuilt as failures. There are signs the COVID pandemic is initiating that change. The election of and continuing tragedy of Donald Trump as a figure of political leadership and the criminal conversion of the Republican Party results from this failure.

Our current fixation on what we all sense as an explosive nuclear reaction held in artificial stasis by words alone is very like the cartoon Coyote running in thin air by refusing to look down. We all sense that this is reaching critical mass, but we have no working instruments to tell us. We receive constant readings telling us that the explosion is imminent. And others that tell is the pressure is going down, and everything will be ok. None of them is believable.

We know, now, that the goal of the Trump party is to blow up the nation and make it a full fascist dictatorship while the incoming Biden administration is following a script from fifty years ago. That script has no correction for the expanding disaster and already initiated explosion because it couldn’t happen fifty years ago.

Biden’s assignment of actors to roles displays that his administration thinks it is directing a historical romance rather than an apocalyptic action drama. The script we are in is a planetary battle against forms of both ancient and new evil, and unless someone gets Biden the correct script, we will die in ‘made for TV’ ironic pseudo tragedy. A large part of the planetary audience has already tuned out in disgust.

Biden will need to cut to the chase on the second day. The only option that I can see is Trump's capture with his gang of stooges to remove them from the action to break the neofascist troublemakers' back. Failing to do that will save nothing, and the explosion will come as a surprise. It is no secret now that the Trumpists and their leadership will keep bumbling on until they finally succeed in triggering that explosion.

It doesn’t matter if Trump and his party are all versions of bozo the clown if they succeed in starting, even a low grade, civil war. We are in a planetary crisis dealing with hyperobjects that we can barely understand with variables and consequences that are almost totally bad.

Tragedy is failing to recognize you are in a violent tragedy causing you to trigger the disaster you refuse to see.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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