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Beyond the old order

Looking for elements of the new

By Mike Meyer

We are on the edge of the new world struggling with the slow collapse of the old. Everyone knows there is something critically wrong with the old but the wave of knowledge of the new is not a clean line. If it were things might be a little easier but probably not.

The point of realizing the new is the point at which you see the craziness and danger of the old. Now we have most people realizing the extent of the change and the essential needs of the new but we also have the frightened and those so mentally tied to the old that that cannot accept any change. Now, to the new, the old words make no sense but to those desperate for the old to remain no matter the cost, they only see everyone leaving them for things that were never normal. The effort to communicate becomes increasingly exhausting.

So we have people blindly accepting obvious lies. And others struggling to maintain lines of communication with those who have not yet made the change. But this is incredibly complicated. I’ve been discussing this for the last several years as the situation becomes more intense and more dangerous. As the presence of authoritarian destruction grabs opportunities to turn the confused into agents for the death of the new.

What are the points of change that are the driving wave of the new? They are many. I will continue to present my view of the ones that are most important and the strongest catalysts of the dynamic transition to a new planetary paradigm. But this is non-linear complexity so change creates new change in recursive loops.

This is, almost completely, the result of information technology hence the dominance of application and machine learning metaphors. The geometric rate of change is, itself, unique and outside our ability to instinctively understand. We have built the thing that will replace us and we are struggling with its birth. But it will be born.

No, the robot overlords will not destroy us. At one level it has been said that is much like worrying about the over population of Mars. But the world being born that is causing us so much escalating anguish is simply our birth in a new world. It’s traumatic but we’ll get over it and wonder what all the fussing was about. But there are some very hard transitions that need to be successfully managed.

The largest is changing all of the old political definitions. We’re seeing that now with rising confusion. Don’t accept any old label. They no longer apply.

Here are some elements of the new

Hope in new populism: Populism was the violent reaction of the old and is currently entangled in xenophobia, bigotry, and denial. As the newest generation takes this over it is transforming into expanded rights, direct democracy, and radically decentralized economics. The key will be cleaning out the old authoritarianism and transforming direct democracy into fully decentralized AI based administrative government.

Decline of the nation state: While the old is in battle with itself using the traditional nation state governments to manipulate and control social media, the new is moving beyond this to blockchain identity and universal authentication.

Digital citizenship: This will almost certainly become digital citizenship with individual sovereignty. This will be needed to allow population movement in reaction to personal goals and climactic change making parts of the planet uninhabitable.

Individual sovereignty/no borders: Diverse citizenship with individual sovereignty may allow current populations blocking change to self quarantine without infringing on others. A workable balance between personal bigotry and protection for all population would need to extract a social cost for immoral beliefs.

Universal planetary assets: Allocation of planetary assets to all sentient beings is a logical foundation for universal income with market opportunities for sovereign citizens to ally themselves with venture oriented alliances. People with their share of assets become the pool of a new type of capital for exploration, development, or service.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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