Beware the Ides of November

The combination of greed and insanity is very dangerous

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 2019

The nations luck had to run out. Three years with a gibbering idiot, enthralled by Putin, as president fronting a criminal conspiracy previously known as the Republican Party, desperate to destroy the last vestiges of democracy in order to lock down oligarchic power, disaster has been guaranteed. And we all have known it.

That things survived so long testifies to the competence of the US civil service, the solidity of a badly distorted but still working liberal trading system conservatively managed by the Obama administration, and the incredible inertia of the planet’s largest economy. Even though the whole thing has been living on borrowed time for the last twenty years it has managed to maintain minimum standards of living while allowing the new postmodern world to begin to seriously replace the old.

But the price of idiocy will be paid. Trump and his continually changing gaggle of stooges has plundered and destroyed to their fullest ability but their incompetence was our protection. With people such as that in positions of tremendous power the intensity of their mindless destruction would eventually cause a major disaster.

Despite the stunning levels of corruption and criminal activity and the complete lack of any policy, other than greed, from the remnants of the Republican Party, a significant part of the population simply ignored the disaster. What the hell, it’s only politics and all of them are crooks, anyway. At least Trump is a joke so good for a laugh.

While the majority of population watched in horror as the US, itself, became a joke and thousands of refugees were used to justify building concentration camps to cage children, the others ignored it all. If you have a job you can borrow money and buy a new truck. That’s as good as it gets, Who cares about the other shit.

People are, no matter how hard they try to ignore it, aware of bullshit, lies, and crime. They also get very nervous around people who act crazy. Those people don’t have any idea of right and wrong and they can make people around them ignore their own sense of right and wrong. That is survival knowledge for humans.

Trump is bat shit crazy and it is obvious. Almost nothing he says is true. But we kept believing that we could rely on the staff and all the professionals to keep the guy controlled. Those people are all gone. We have had a tremendous loss of experienced administrators in our government. The state department is devastated and those that are left can only blow whistles and hope for something to happen before it is too late.

Even those people elected as Republicans are bailing out every week now. There is an end to pretense and just past that point is fear. Oh shit, this is seriously out of control! How did that happen?

The key change is when stupidity, greed, and abuse of power for personal gain triggers international disaster. That happens when the facade of control of an incompetent leader proves to be just a facade and no control at all.

We are there now. Trump in a twitter fit has fallen into another Putin trap and we have a war between Turkey, Syria and the Kurdish population. Turkey is NATO and holds US nuclear weapons. We have supported the Kurds for decades and we have a large Kurdish population in the US.

This is now much more than just US self destruction. Trump has triggered a war far more dangerous than he can understand. This should never have happened.

Now the price will be paid by many people. The US as a nation will probably never recover from this.

To have hope Trump, and the criminals surrounding and supporting him, need to be removed and brought to justice quickly. Trump is unable to even understand what he has done and the Republican stooges are simply gutless fools.

Unless this is done the bill is going to escalate and the whole planet is now on the hook for it.

We put up with a few rogues in small countries. Hard on the people that live there but that is the concept of sovereignty that we still maintain. But a rogue leader in a major power can destroy everything. Putin is on the edge of that but Russia is a third string nation now. Trump has gone well over the edge and refuses to recognize his own delusions. That was true before but he wasn’t allowed to act. Now he is acting and there is no gong back.

Normally that means the rogue needs to be removed, preferably, by the people of their own country. The tradition is to allow time for that to happen. Unfortunately we are running out of time. We all have much bigger issues to fix or there won’t be a future.

Beware the Ides of November. The Republic is hanging by a thread.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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