Being abandoned in a world of rapidly expanding technology and growing wealth is depressing and infuriating. Until reading this I hadn’t clearly realized that the illogical failures and the rising chaos is best stated as the collapse of the liberal world order. It’s clear that capitalism has failed but that does not mean the abandonment of market economics. My problem in seeing this in the accelerating American failure is the unique problems of this country that have produced bizarre linguistic changes to words such as ‘liberal’, ‘socialism, ‘racism’, ‘capitalism’. The results are the same, rising chaos as we enter the Age of Disorder it’s just that we have to wade through extra layers of translation and explanation to put this in planetary context.

Unfortunately we have no real alternative to reacting emotionally with cascading cycles of anger and depression. The anger produces racism, hatred, and bigotry, i.e., nationalism and the resulting violence increases the depression. For those that struggle to understand this in some kind of historical perspective there is the added anger at those who are more prone to reaction. It’s a frightening recipe that is developing nearly instantaneously via social media in the developed and nearly developed world. The ugliest result for me is the unavoidable fear that our concepts of democratic representative government are too flawed to prevent not just disorder but willful chaos in a planetary society that has empowered people beyond our political philosophers wildest dreams. The horrible irony of that is . . . words fail me.

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