Battling the Return of Chaos

Willful ignorance and lies are the only weapons they have left

by Mike Meyer

It is very hard to keep an accurate view of what is happening in the world in which we live. No one can really keep track of everything or even a small part of everything but Homo sapiens need some kind of broad picture.

We evolved in the savannas watching for tell tale hints of change in our environment. Those tell tale hints tended to be large predators looking for lunch or our fellow humans looking for something to steal. Given our primate characteristics there has always been threat from our own kind looking for ass to kick in the dominance wars.

Our survival has always depended on knowing what has changed around us. The direct threats were the top of the list but right under that has always been our own family, clan, or tribal group. Who is slinking off into the bushes with whom and what will they do there. Humans want to know.

Physiologically our brains evolved to paint a constant picture with only movement or change as the focus. Most of what we think we see is background information supplied as filler by our brains. We really only have the processing power to directly see the few things that are moving or that have taken a new position in our immediate world and may have direct meaning for us.

So we need that bigger picture to compare things with as the standard situation. But if we cannot trust our bigger view of reality we become very uncomfortable. Is what’s happening real? Is it new? Does it threaten me and mine? Is this an opportunity for a little ass kicking or to get someone new into the bushes?

However you want to put it we seem to be banging up against our limits. Our big pictures are filled with lies and bullshit. We have millions of people working to achieve chaos because they have figured out that it is easy to get away with things if everyone is confused.

Unfortunately this does not create a healthy human environment. We are constantly stressed by our inability to know what is real and what we need to pay attention to for security and survival. What are the threats and what are opportunities?

This is why having problem people around who are known to lie and cause trouble make these situations worse. That is why we have always driven the more insane people into the wilderness or, later, locked them up. They are too disruptive.

But there is always a feedback loop in human society. When the big picture becomes confused and unreliable, stress drives people to distraction. Bad group decisions are made and the situation becomes worse. Some of the distracted become insane and begin acting on delusions. What’s real and what is not?

In reality Trump’s followers and all nationalists/fascists are simply distractions while the few use their chaos to steal from everyone else . . .

Those that are leading the movement to chaos are doing so because they see a opportunity for power that they would, otherwise, be unable to obtain in a well managed society. Usually the drive to chaos is in favor of a few against everyone else. The angriest and most confused in society are promised the chance to take what thy want and deserve if they are loyal and ask no questions. But that chance never comes.

As everyone knows who had psych 100 in college, conditioning with only sporadic rewards lasts much longer than conditioning with rewards every time. People keep doing things because they think the reward will come.

In reality these people are simply distractions while the few use the chaos to steal from everyone else including their chosen henchmen. Once you have people trained this way they stick with it to their own destruction.

Does this sound familiar? I’m attempting to build a big picture that is generic and logical based on the conditions we have today. This is specifically an American picture because America is the canary in the coal mine on the edge of collapse.

We had every thing from the peak of the modern capitalist age but forgot that change is the only constant in this universe and exploitation always comes to a bad end. Particularly if you are relying on a known liar to deliver your reward.

We all spend most of our time struggling to work, find happiness, and care for our families in all their diverse forms while finding ourselves overwhelmed by public failure by those who were, somehow, selected to run things. Bigotry of any kind is just another from of chaos. It denies all but a few people the right to live and be happy.

The followers of chaos can come from different causes. These causes may have once been reasonable but others have always been understood as selfish and immoral. What was once a reasonable way to act or a reasonable attitude to have in a society can become destructive as things evolve. Change is the only constant.

America became successful and gained leadership of the planet on advocacy for representative government and the freedom to own, build and become better off financially. But that led to mindless exploitation of the planet, denial of people’s rights with the easy justification that they weren’t real people anyway. Greed became the primary virtue.

But endless growth destroyed our planet’s climate, population growth prevented equitable material wealth, and the wealth that was gained became impossible to share with everyone on a planet with seven billion people.

Climate change cannot be denied or ignored whatever the purveyors of chaos claim. Their actions are desperate because they know the future will bring loss for all of us even if they claim it is all fake. America’s terrible legacy is that our planet can only be seen by many as a zero sum game.

Who can we declare to be no longer human? Their share, if they even have a share, will be ours if we have the power to destroy or deny them a place in our world. Therefore we must have the power to do that before anyone else stops us.

The only legitimate act is to take or to deny. This is the only rule and greed is the only goal. This evolved as fascism in the modern nation states in the late 19th century and then the first half of the 20th century was lost to war against this wave of chaos. What had brought new wealth and industry through three hundred years of trade and development became the source of greed built on denial of rights for all but the Caucasian rulers.

We thought we had left that behind but the failure of the capitalist system and the age of the people who see bigotry as their right and privilege combined with the threats from climate disasters is feeding the old conditioning for chaos and power. The desperation is from the realization that people change.

The new generations are not so easily fooled by the old lies and tricks. Sso the aging forces of chaos and personal power know that their tenuous, minority based control must be locked down so they can kill the changes the majority and an even greater majority of the newest generations are demanding.

We need to end this and let the new take control.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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