At the risk of sounding uncompromising I think we are seeing a much bigger problem in the US and in parts of the industrial/post industrial world that have moved toward feudal isolationism. While your analysis is quite good it assumes we are living in a world that no longer exists. That world is one that considers the terms Liberal and Conservative to still have meaning.

As you correctly point out the “conservative party in the US” has no interest in traditional conservative values. Primarily this is due to the disappearance of those ideas as meaningful. The “liberal party” has never really been traditionally liberal in the European sense but has become an semi-authoritarian neo-liberal party.

The conservative party, having lost the economic argument and the maintenance of law and order for business has reverted to something like a racist, neo feudal party based on strong man rule with personal obligations and oppressive militarized police plus border patrol. The single goal is racial security via pre-apartheid policies.

Both US parties rate on the political spectrum as right wing/authoritarian. Trump has filled the vacuum left by traditional right wing politics with racist/isolationist neo-feudalism. This is not viable just as feudalism is normally seen as a stage following or preceding centralized authority.

The dynamic that was once business economic authoritarianism versus liberal republican market economics is shifting rapidly to metropolitan administrative diversity versus fringe suburban racist authoritarian. A major problem here is that this is not a dyadic. The conflict is between old and new not two ways to organize societies. These groups cannot even communicate because their basic world views are different.

Trump represents power to halt change and protect disappearing racial privilege. This is all that matters because the new metropolitan technology model can replace hierarchical management with automation and direct communication in virtual communities and that is a threat to the old public/private oligarchy.

Sorry, but this is a godawful mess. Being reasonable is no longer an option.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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