At the risk of being accused of moving the goal posts, I agree with our criticisms of local government both on divergence from necessary planetary goals and on the current corruption created by ideological bill packages peddled as ‘convenient’. These bill packages from lobby organizations also include, I’m sure, frequent presents and contributions.

The conversion to a single layer of government to local proximity can’t be done by simply stripping away state and federal government. This may, in some places, be consolidation into existing state government or into existing urban governments. But in either case, dependent on population density, this would need to be based on direct democracy increasingly supplemented by AI/ML.

The existing representative system is inherently corrupt and its principles distorted by oligarchic goals of voter suppression for economic exploitation. This is clearly stated in the remaining ‘conservative’ arguments that government is not by the people but must be by representatives of the people. In practice, then, these can be paid to ignore the desires of the population and always favor those of the oligarchy. This is what we now have in the steady march to authoritarian corporatism.

This is the US system of poplar fascism and oppression with corporatist socialism as a complete distortion of modern socialist principles. This protects the structural form of late stage capitalism that consolidates capital into as few hands as possible replacing production with rentier returns and financial interest payments.

Economic growth is artificial but allows the population to be paid with closely monitored credit rather than assets or even wages. The people are driven ever farther into debt with wage income inadequate for comfort or, even, survival in many cases. One mistake and their credit cost doubles or is eliminated. So we have a majority in homes they cannot afford, driving $50,000, fossil fuel trucks, living paycheck to paycheck, and with negative net assets.

So we need a new type of government to give a more extensive voice to these people. This is critically important because the billionaire oligarchs will spend vast sums to maintain their gravy train with the, erroneous, assumption that they can buy their way out of climate disaster. Losing a billion or more people is no skin off their noses as the workforce will be mostly automated anyway and mass die off is one way to reduce the carbon footprint.

Consolidating to one level of government also means planetary level climate crisis and rights management via the UN or a subsequent alliance. This would also need to put teeth into a true planetary universal bill of rights and an universal environmental protection set of legal standards.

These are the things that need to happen and will happen. If not by direct population action then by imposition of planetary authoritarianism. This mess is not something we are going to be able to bumble or way through.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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