At a practical level I think that what is needed is the restoration of the Confederacy that would allow self rule to the problem population (problem in terms of inherent limitations and inability to accept diversity) but presents the logistical problem of people who are in the “wrong” place. If they choose to stay in that environment that is perfectly legitimate but migration must be very easy.

More thought is needed on this. I, for one, can’t see how to break the criminal control through gerrymandering when the problem people have gained full control of the rules. Any solution at the federal level will be, at most, partial and temporary. The people committed to exclusion and bigotry have learned to game the system and have no concept of any other ethic.

This could possibly have been prevented but it wasn’t. It seems that once a portion of the population has tasted the drug that combines hatred and power they will go to self destructive ends to have that drug. Hence, I’m afraid, that quarantine becomes necessary. Ethically we can only give them the right to rule themselves but we must prevent collateral damage to children and any others caught in that isolation ward. We know these people love walls to keep ‘others’ out but that quickly becomes the means to hold their unhappy population in. Berlin comes to mind.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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