As you may have noticed I tend to see a very similar range of opportunities to overcome our evolutionary problems. And I appreciate the succinct list of those problems here. CRISP-R is one of the salvation technologies that will, hopefully, appeal to at least a few of the tribes that I think we already are evolving toward socially and politically. Another, as you note, is mixed reality that can give the young and aggressive their contests, conflicts, and conquests with nothing worse than a time out and reset. I’m waiting for the religionists to discover that they can have it all as the gods, goddesses and saints can walk to work with them and if they’re not careful a pack of devils will consign them to hell for the weekend. Or perhaps work could be hell and heaven on the weekend. Ah, but religion always leads to dominance and slavery which will force public override of realities that deny escape.

The primary step in our species evolution will be AI as an alternative or component of genetic engineering. At some point, I think now much sooner than I thought, more of us are going to begin to look forward to our predominantly electronic and geometrically more intelligent offspring being ready to bridge the gap to a much more logical society. We appear unable in anything like our present form to escape emotion and fast brain thinking even though we know we are going to hurt ourselves and have immediate and huge regrets. I go so far as to think this is the test that must be passed to escape the Fermi Paradox. As long as we cannot envision a “safe” handoff to our digital descendants we are doomed to one planet and very ugly end.

I do think shaping a workable future requires a continuous discussion of alternative tribal/metro region political systems. This final spasm of the 200 year American experiment is already causing extensive statistical analysis and evaluation of how to manage the hinterlands while restructuring politically into metro city-states. It’s being done but the real goals are a long way from being ready for general discussion yet. But with each tweet the Donald is driving a stake through the heart of the old country. A big part of this is figuring out new politically powered virtual and physical tribes and communities. Perhaps the low production hinterlands then can be allocated basic incomes first to ease their fear while empowering them to build satisfying and, maybe even, more productive small communities. Obviously the metro regions, that went almost completely for Hilary while already providing the great bulk of economic productivity that pays the welfare for the Trump lands, will continue to become more dense with communities both physical and virtual. These need to be given political power and command of resources. The tragic Ghost Ship fire in Oakland has stunned the world with both the power and pointless poverty of these artistic communities. It’s hard to not see, although the deniers are already erupting from the hinterlands, how a basic income and clear political authority would have tremendously accelerated growth of a great urban asset. Needless to say our failed national leadership is totally focused on trying to reinvent a past that they have already forgotten.

So there is lots to talk about and do and the old paradigm is crumbling around us. Keep focused on the future. . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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