As usual thanks for the response. I’m afraid my sanguinity is more a taste for blood (?!) as there is now no choice but to face the destruction. With the rules having already been destroyed and confusion ruling the land there is, I think, a bit more chance for surprises from the Electoral College than at any point in the past. Not enough to hold out any real hope, however. If the electors fold and scurry home, as expected, the weight falls on Obama to become the hero. I started out saying this was what would have to happen. Part of my sanguinity is seeing it actually play out with a greater (though still slight) chance owing to the consistency of Trump’s simple mindedness. He apparently actually believes his own bullshit, at least while he is saying it. The combination of Russian ownership clearly infringing on the Emoluments Clause, and nepotism, that is a constant source of anger and mockery in American life, leave a clear opening for taking Trump out under Special Prosecutor precedent. It would certainly require a fully heroic act in order to block the inauguration and, as much as I respect Obama for what he is, I don’t see him as a hero. But then again heroes are usually a complete surprise.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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