As usual, Holly Wood has laid bare the ugly reality for all to marvel at or wretch over as the case may be. Funny how the two extremist economic systems that completely defined the last half of the 20th century both created justification for tiny elites to live in effortless luxury while the majority live in fear of the loss of a paycheck. Don’t worry, think of all you are doing for the truly, valuable people. And appreciate the freedom you have to chose to not pay for your child’s operation. Oh wait, that’s a new freedom. Sorry.

But all we have is our shitbag system because the other one crashed first. We won. Now there’s no competition and the inevitable forces of capitalism have sucked almost all the money into the banks of the few hundred richest people on the planet. That means we won. How lucky can we get?

Have you noticed, everyone knows the capitalist world is so grossly distorted and getting more so but no one talks about it? Way back when the US was much closer to a socialist state wealth was much more evenly distributed. But it took management and taxes plus the incredible stimulus of rebuilding half the planet from a huge capitalist war to keep that going for twenty years. We were taught that was normal. Now only old people remember it but don’t know why it happened.

That was not normal. This is normal. Congratulations.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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