As usual Gutbloom hit a point that went around the barn, or at least the Fox News site, and managed to wing me. Maybe it was the proverbial ricochet? Yes, it seems that other people have a troubled relationship with Responses. Back when I started here I was not sure of Responses as full stories on their own. But then I got to enjoy it and wrote, I thought, some pretty good stuff trying to elaborate or add other perspectives to interesting posts. Much better system than most comments. Response to my responses became interesting conversations. And then I would get more various notice points for the Response than anything else I wrote. That was Ok.

Now I’m not sure what is happening except it isn’t what was happening before. And this has definitely affected the writing community feel that was worth more to me than a lot of things. Well money is nice but, I’ve said this before, I think that didn’t work out the way I hoped. It was like they put up a detour sign to another road side attraction.

As a response to that I’ve started just writing more actual responses again but those don’t work now either. I enjoy it but it’s pretty obvious that those aren’t being handled as full posts.

And since it was brought up, the nice home page Featured story thing looks nice but doesn’t seem to add to what we had. The whole thing seems to be threatened now.

The change also shows up in Member writing that only members can respond to. Ok, that made some sense but . . . They are doing an audible of another one of mine and the terms now say that only Members can respond to those since only Members can hear them. I don’t think I wrote that for Members and I’m, for some reason, reluctant to go back and try to figure it out. I think I would be upset either way. And other things to do.

Maybe I’ve been moved Out of Network . . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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