As the Supreme Court falls

Photo by Luis Cortes Martinez on Unsplash

by Mike Meyer

Sadly the American collapse is on track. No one should be surprised at Kennedy’s decision to retire. There is a time for that and the burden of saving a country should not fall on one person in the final line of defense.

The continued amazement and growing panic at the end is interesting to watch. I’ve tried to stay focused on either what was actually happening or what positives could be reasonably achieved but this is hard to watch without noting the stunning stupidity of all sides in this debacle. What in the hell did you folks expect? I’m talking to all of you now.

The historical weight of shame will be heaviest on the remnants of the Republican Party that, for whatever reason, simply lost all connection with the national interest or with anything like policy and allowed itself to be taken over by marginal nutcases starting back in the days of Reagan. The result is the removal of all rational people and the groveling acceptance of a mentally damaged criminal under the control of, well, we’re not really sure who but there are Russians in there somewhere. But we do know they are not interested in the survival of the United States. It is generally understood that shame is no longer a word in the Republican vocabulary so I guess it doesn’t matter. No point wasting time talking about it.

The Democratic Party has not completely given itself over to fruitcakes but it is corrupt as hell and is completely at a loss. How can that be? I hate to break this to you at this late date but it is all over and the fat lady isn’t going to get to sing. Wait a minute, maybe you are the fat lady? That makes it easier. It’s over.

I will only say that if the best you can do is endless emails accusing me of not caring about something while you ignore the complete collapse of the political system you deserve what you are going to get. The problem is the other 300 million of us must suffer the potential loss of everything we have. You were supposed to be a working opposition but you simply pandered from farther back in the room because the Republican cheated their way in you couldn’t get a tit for yourself.

It is obvious (why do I feel I have to say that?) that the majority in this country are sick and tired of failed capitalism and pseudo representative government whether or not they use those terms to describe it. What they want are the things that all successful, though struggling to stay ahead of change, countries have and that is a managed market economy, public healthcare, full public education, elimination of racism, reduction in greed, and some guarantee of jobs and income as we enter a world of rapid automation. It would also make sense to have some way to employ people other than a vast military empire. That is so fucking 19th century.

While it would be nice to have someone other than a howling idiot in the White House, if professionals were in charge of the government it doesn’t really matter if the resident of the WH bays at the moon and plays with dolls in the closet. In fact then we wouldn’t have to worry about one dude having such massive power.

So, what do we do now? Continue to pretend the government is working and something will be done to return to sanity in the next election? Folks, the wolves own the chicken house and they loaded enough states for gerrymandering while having, completely illegally, refused to follow the rules on the last Supreme Court position. That is the last check point and it’s already gone. Kennedy’s retirement is icing on the cake. One more howler in SCOTUS and there is nothing left.

The point is that the damage that has already been done is terminal. Barbarians are in the city and dancing on the corpses. We know the barbarians are completely clueless and their current trade war will destroy them also. But they don’t know and it doesn’t matter. They get to loot until there is nothing left and then they will wander off and try to do it somewhere else unless someone puts them away where they can’t hurt anyone.

Crying and shaking the dead bodies to get them to move is hopeless. We’ve got some really ugly and hateful white barbarians in control. First we need to get rid of them and then we need to build something more appropriate for the 21st century.

This is full on revolutionary change but it is potentially a really good thing. It is far from hopeless unless we just cower in terror as the Democratic Party people are doing. Remember we are the majority. This is not an issue of educating the masses to get them to agree. The majority already agrees on the broad requirements. We are still the richest nation of the old order but not for much longer. So we need to act while we still have all the resources.

What we are up against is a small minority, ugly and very noisy with threats, but cowards by their very nature. We’ve already started to chase them out of restaurants and anywhere else they want to show up and pollute. We don’t need to worry abut hurting their feelings. We need to kick them to hell out of public places and public office or any position of authority.

Here’s the key. These people are a thin veneer on top of a professional administration that are professional and struggling to keep the country working. We can rely on them. These are the people that are trying to find someone to tell what is happening. The horrors coming out of the border disaster are being revealed from inside ICE. There are decent people in there who don’t want to support this shit. Let’s rely on them. We can get by without the worthless and corrupt pieces of shit at the top while we figure out a better way to do this.

Luckily the thin veneer are the few political appointees that Trump in his massive laziness actually appointed to help him fill his pockets and theirs in the process. Take those people out and turn it over to the civil service heads of departments. We can figure out how to make this right in full view of the internet. This isn’t the 18th, 19th, or even 20th century. Let’s use our technology to make it real. It’s scary but it is possible.

The American revolution was started and run by a clear minority of the colonial population. We are the majority. All we have to do is say it’s time to do this. We can do it and the world would cheer. Let’s show what America really is and that is NOT what it is now.



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Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .