As the famous catcher is said to have said, predicting things is very hard particularly in the future. . .

But, yes, I think I’m accurate. And, yes, you’re correct, he is too stupid to know. But that is a bit like a brontosaurus who’s already dead but doesn’t know it, yet, except his legs don’t work anymore because they’ve been eaten. Hence my point about no smoking gun or sudden, dramatic death. The system, another dead brontosaurus, has enough momentum now to slowly chew up Trump, et al, before it slowly collapses.

It is not in the system playbook to even want a smoking gun. I’m sure they exist, even with Caitlin Johnstone’s best efforts to distract from the Russians, Trump is owned by Russian interests. He’s also too stupid to hide it. But that is too, too harsh. The Donald isn’t going up for treason or even grand theft. He’ll be helped to slowly bleed to death from a nicely undramatic ‘inappropriate conduct’ wound that may be construed, from a certain angle, as possible (maybe) obstruction of justice with treason hanging in the air like a fart, totally unacknowledged. Proprieties must be maintained. There is a long tradition of this. I’m willing to bet that in a month or so he will even kind of admit to it, declare victory, and move back to New York after someone he trusts tells him what to do.

This will actually be the worst alternative as it won’t be over until the working regions (coastal, urban states) become at least semi independent. That is the real key to the future. And Trump is driving that hard in blind ignorance. So I’ve come around to seeing this as a critical issue of timing and extent. The Pacific states are moving along smartly now with California locking in, carefully, China. There are things going on behind the scenes and I don’t have knowledge of but it’s strikes me as a case of the dog that didn’t bark. We shall see. If I’m totally wrong I’ll just have to give up and only write poetry for a while.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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